Dear Charlotte, bring your earplugs…

Wow.  Here I am enjoying a nice peaceful quiet Tuesday night – watching a little college basketball, working on some Raleigh Trading Cards and debating between Moe’s or Jerry Allen’s (a cozy little beach bar down the road) for dinner.  Just relaxing and minding my own business – when this email comes into the office:

Look out!
The Matt’s have picked up a wild card draft pick to form the Jersey Shore Drunks – none other than Mr. Pistol Pete Walton.

Wow- I won’t be the most intense person on our team.  Even I’m scared.

Thanks for all your help, we’ll skee you in the finals!

–Matt Pratt


A few things here:

  1. Someone needs to tell Pete he needs a new nickname.  Chris “Pistol” Petot has been playing since Skeeson II and I’m fairly certain he’ll want to keep his nickname.
  2. I don’t wanna say too much here because I honestly have not seen or hung out with Pete since college but I will tell you this – the kid is (was?) LOUD.  His nickname in college was “Brother Loud”.  I heard he got married a few years back and has settled down quite a bit, but you put a guy in a bar with skeeball and beer on a team with Matt Pratt and I bet my left skeeball that his old self comes out pretty quick.  Christ help us all.
  3. I’m not kidding about bringing your earplugs.  These two on the same team is something I would pay to see – not for the entertainment value, and certainly not for their natural skeeball ability – simply to see how long before they are completely under their opponents skin.
  4. Talent-wise this team falls into the middle of the pack. But if you throw in their ability to get in your head Bill Laimbeer style and totally throw you off your game…well, this could very well be a championship-caliber team.
  5. Let’s pray to the skeeball gods that the mild-mannered Matt B can keep these two somewhat in check. Pray pray pray…

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One Response to “Dear Charlotte, bring your earplugs…”

  1. Lipman Says:

    Take this warning seriously… Walton’s volume nob has been broken for years. He likes to yell so loudly at his Hokies during football season that I think the players might hear him through the television.

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