Bottle Shock – Movie Review

Yup, I’m gonna do the occasional movie review on here – deal with it.

Those of you that know me well know that I enjoy independent films, and that I also enjoy wine.  And that I absolutely love it when I sit down with a bottle of wine and a great independent flick.  It’s utopia at its finest.  I could go on and on but some of the ones that stand out include Amelie, Lars and the Real Girl, …and now Bottle Shock.

Well lemme tell you what – today’s Fat Tuesday aka Mardi Gras aka the day I decide if I’m going to give up something for lent or ignore my Catholic heritage for the next 9ish weeks.  So it’s Fat Tuesday and the First Lady “worked from home” this afternoon (read: made the skeeball headquarters super cramped) and around 3 I decided to pop in “Bottle Shock”.  Around 3:30 I decided to open a bottle of wine.

Best. Decision. Of. My. Life.   I couldn’t think of a better way to start off my Mardi Gras night!

Great movie – I recommend it to all my fellow skeeballers.  But make sure you have some wine handy – it’ll make you crave the stuff.

Alright, Happy Mardi Gras you crazy animals!  We’ll see the Charlotte crowd tomorrow and Thursday night! Raleigh rollers – continue to bask in all that was Skeeson I!!! I’ll be planning some off-skeeson events in the very near future!


2 Responses to “Bottle Shock – Movie Review”

  1. Bridgette Says:

    I liked this line:”ignore my Catholic heritage for the next 9ish weeks” Maybe I’ll be like Mom and give up impatience for Lent!

  2. A Says:

    This is #5 in my que. Check out Danny Deckchair if you like Indies.

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