Pistol Petot is Pissed


Listen, you win some you lose some – that’s just how it goes when it comes to Pre-Skeeson Rankings.  I had assumed that was a well-known fact in the skeeball world by now.  But apparently Pistol Petot is not happy at all that his newly-formed squad “3 MSkee’s” was snubbed by the experts.  He left me a vm, sent me two emails, and also left a comment on the post below.

Yeah so maybe Petot has won two Brewskee Mugs – so what?  Has he got any Champions Chalices yet?  Exactly.  That’s like bragging that you caught crabs twice.  Who cares man.  You get the Hiv-bomb, then we’ll talk.

Let’s dissect his team for a minute.

Dom –

love the kid.  But didn’t see him at either skee 4 free nights.  You can’t spell Disappointment without D-O-M….minus points for that.  And yes we’re talkin’ ’bout practice here.

Brad Meacham – 

I remember when Brad joined the league.  Then I remember when he started getting good.  Then I remember when he stopped getting good.  If Brad can get his mojo back, he has the potential to be the best roller on this squad.
Chris Pistol Petot11-chris-petot

Ah yes, young Christopher.  He’s been in Brandon’s shadow since Skeeson II and has finally decided to branch out on his own.  But can he win without “the best skeeballer in America” on his side?  Time will tell.

So now it’s up to you America – did Petot’s team deserve a nod in the Pre-Skeeson Rankings?  Will his squad fulfill his proclamation and be the #1 team on Wed after Week 1 is over?  Cast your vote!


One Response to “Pistol Petot is Pissed”

  1. Pistol Petot Says:

    wow – what a stunning result we have here – 7 votes against me..Can I smell jealousy..I thought people liked me – I guess you don’t. Only time will tell to see who will “be on top” when its all said and done (i usually am). Keep feeding me the fire I need Dr. Choke.

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