Week 1 Wednesday Picks (Charlotte)


Welcome to the wild and wacky world of sports gambling.  If you weren’t already aware, every week Vegas releases the lines for each of the league match-ups.  Our in-house gambling guru, Nick “The One” Giaimo” has evaluated the lines and will offer his opinion on a few of the matchups.

1) Skeeve McQueen (-25) over Notorious B.I.Skee: This is a fairly low
spread for Skeeve McQueen given that they’re probably the 2nd best team
playing on Wednesday night.  Tom Taylor has installed the hundos on his
machine at home and Sean  comes over to practice on a regular basis.

Now they’ve added Brian “The Candyman” Fudge who is a fairly dominant regular skeeson player
(despite his problems in the post season).  No offense to Notorious but
it’s too early in the skeeson for this kind of upset.  Tom Taylor starts
Week 1 with a 325 and McQueen has an easy victory

[Editor’s note:  Watch out for Notorious – they also have their own skeeball machine at home.  True story.]

2) Skeeriginals (+10) over Skee Love & Special Sauce: The linesmaker was
definitely drunk when he came up with this one.  I haven’t seen Sunil or his
teammates since last skeeson and so I know they haven’t been to any
late-night tournaments.  Wendi, Mike and Kevin, on the other hand, have
been to all of them.  Kevin even got a title one time (thanks to me).  I
would have taken the Skeeriginals even if i had to give up to 40 points.

[Editor’s Note:  Why does everyone sleep on Sunil?  The kid is a proven winner.  He went from not even making the JV squad his first skeeson to winning the championship the next go-round.  He put in the extra hours to find his forty and it landed him in the finals of the BROTY High Rollers Tourney this past skeeson.  And Liz and Kelly are good.  This match is going to be closer than people think.]

3) Sesame Skeet (-25) over Dogskee Style:
Again, this is another example
of a line that I think is too small for this early in the skeeson.  It’s a
tough one to pick because you never know which Jen Meacham will show up,
but I honestly just don’t trust her teammates to do anything.  I have some
faith in Autumn and her boy toy.  I don’t have much for Alice and Steve.
Sorry doggskees.

[Editor’s note: I typically love doggie style.  This however is not one of those times.  Sesame Skeet dominates.]

4)  3 MSkees (-30) over Jersey Shore Drunks: The off-skeeson has treated Brad
Meacham very well.  He was excellent last week in the late-night tournament
and I think he’s ready to make the leap from kind of good to consistently
reliable.  This is the exact leap that Petot made last skeeson.  Dom’s a
wild card but he’s good enough for sure to be the worst player on a solid
team.  I refuse to live in a world where Matt Pratt carries a team to a
victory.  His slow decline as a skee ball player has been well documented
and I don’t think a new team is going to help.

[Editor’s note:   Bill Laimbeer was not a good player – but he made his opponents worse players by getting in their head.  Also, Matt Pratt has a championship mug, so I can’t really say a whole helluva lot here.]

5) Skeevil Overlords (+120) over The Skeefendants:
I think Vegas got a
little over-confident with this opening line for our team.  I think the
Skeefendants will be the best team in the league but like any champion, we
will get better each week.  Expect low 900s this week compared to low 800s
for the Overlords.

–The One


5 Responses to “Week 1 Wednesday Picks (Charlotte)”

  1. Candyman Says:

    A little rough with the “problems in the postseason” comment there Giamo. Before you start throwing stones you should talk to the Buffalo Bills of Skeeball….ada Brian Farrell. His psyche has to be a little shaken after the beatings he has taken in the last 3 months my friend. This could spell doom…or WIDE RIGHT!

  2. skee4all Says:

    Candyman – your spelling spells doom. G-i-a-i-m-o. And I believe you meant “aka”, not ada. Unless “ada” is some new hip term I’m unaware of.

    I believe his “problems in the postseason” comment was referring to your 10th frame in the championship match of Skeeson VIII – but I’m not positive….you may want to check with him.

    See ya tonight sucka!

  3. A Says:

    Well, hate Sesame Skeet did not live up to this weeks picks but I have to say don’t count us out yet. Hell, we would have won the game even on a bad night but their sub was Harrison. We’ll work on our ABC’s and 123’s….it’s not over unil Big Bird sings. I need some sleep.

  4. A Says:

    Guess Nick’s picks aren’t on target this week, or his game. I can say this because I sucked too…that’s right, I said too.

    Autumn 🙂

  5. skee4all Says:

    The One went 3 -1 with his Week 1 picks (Pick #5 didn’t happen – Skeevil Overlords switched to Thursday nights, so Skeefendants played Rollin’ Deep instead).

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