Week 1 Thursday Picks (Charlotte)

1) Skeetastic 3 (-5) over Just the Tip:

This matchup will be a nailbiter. After witnessing Hundo rollers not getting the job done last night – I believe the same will be instore for tonight. The girls will be consistantly hitting the 40, but the big question is can Koko dismiss the pressure of week 1 vs a top team?

Just the Tip has veterans and major personalities on this squad. Will Ginger come through with the 40’s and will Funboy pull out the pajamas and how liquored up will he be? This is the match to watch tonight. Only 1 team can start 1-0.

2) Ribs and Whiskee (+12) over Skee Amigas:

Will.I.Am has recruited his two roomates and I will go out on the limb and say this could end up being a nice upset if the two newbies can find their 40.

The three lovely ladies that make-up Skee Amigas won’t go down quietly though (that is if Katie shows up). This will be the 3rd skeeson for the Amigas – I see good things.

3) Super Skeeroes (even) over TLSkee:

Many questions for Super Skeeroes. Will Melanie have any confidence in her roll tonight? Can Michelle compliment Jimmys ability to roll consistently? I think they do enough to win this one.

TLSkee is always up and down. One night they’ll be throwing out the high fives – the next they’ll be disinterested. Look for them to roll good but not good enough.

4) Veterans (-80) over Rookskees: There are a few matches piting veteran teams vs. Rookskee teams and the books see the vets not falling behind in week 1. It usually takes rookskees at least 3 weeks to find which roll fits them best.


Roll High



2 Responses to “Week 1 Thursday Picks (Charlotte)”

  1. Katrina Says:

    Skeetastic 3 won this crucial week 1 match-up. Second place after the first match. Great job ladies. Looking forward to week 2 action. Should be a great skeeson!!!

  2. skee4all Says:

    Pistol Petot goes 3 – 1 in his week 1 predictions.

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