Charlotte Week 1 Recap




1) Will The Skeefendants Please Remain Seated


Ummmm….WTF.  Did that really happen?!!??!?!?  There must be some sort of skeeball curse on me or something.  After putting together a rock-solid high rolling squad consisting of myself, Giaimo, and Hundogasm I was extremely confident heading into Week 1.  We were even pre-skeeson ranked #2 overall. Well, I’m not sure exactly what happened – maybe it was the red light lane that threw us off or just first week jitters, but we ended up rolling an abysmal 730 and finding ourselves in 11th (11th?!?!?!? are you kidding me?) place on Wed night.  Wow.

2) Skeet or Die. Die Die Die.


Anyone remember last skeeson when a #15 seed upset a #2 seed?  And remember how one of the rollers rolled the league’s first ever high five knockout?  Well, that #15 team was named Skeet or Die – and I thought for sure they would be bringing the heat this skeeson.  Apparently not.  Our masked hero, Mike W. didn’t even break 200 as his team rolled a 685 and found themselves in 17th place on Wed after Week 1.  Can Steph and Josh whip him into shape in time to save their skeeson?

3) Roids, Natural Improvement, or Just Plain Luckskee?


Sometimes things just don’t add up and you can’t help but wonder if there are outside forces at work.  For example, Luckskee Charms’ highest match last skeeson was an 837, and I’m fairly certain that Katrina subbed for them that match.  They come out in Week 1 with an 844 and end up in 4th place? And on top of that, Amanda, their supposed “weak link” rolled a 28.2  .  Keep in mind she averaged a 23.3 last skeeson with her highest match being a 24.6.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew they were a decent squad – what I would call “middle of the pack” material – I had known for a while that Meghan was good and then had watched as Alyssa found her 40 last skeeson and almost won the Wild Card Tourney.  But having two good rollers and a weak link is not going to get you far in the playoffs.  That’s like when Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker were both on the Celtics – good players on a decent team that never made it far in the playoffs.  But if you take it up a notch to three good players (Pierce, KG, and Jesus Shuttlesworth Ray Allen) then you find yourself winning championships.  And this emergence of Amanda down right scares me.  Was she shooting steroids in the off-skeeson?  Practicing at Tom Taylor’s?  Or was Week 1 just a fluke? Let’s hope it was luck, because if not, we might just have two all-female squads dominating the league….and nobody wants that.

4)  Ribs and Whiskee and Rookskees –  and high scores?!?!?


Will I Am shot to skeelebrity status last skeeson as he dominated the lanes week after week and eventually won the rookskee of the year award.  Instead of shopping his services around a la H-Town, he decided to take a note from Sunil’s playbook and show everyone that he could pick up two rookskees and take them into the playoffs.  So far the plan is working like clockwork.  Will I Am did his usual without breaking a sweat and his boy Adam followed right in his footsteps rolling an impressive 28.0.  If they can get John into the same groove, this team has got “Contender” written all over it.

5)  666 – Not a Good Way to Start the Skeeson.


3 Skeets to the Wind had a fairly impressive rookie campaign in Skeeson VIII.  Aaron tore it up and the team actually made the playoffs.  But wtf happened last week?  Not only did they roll poorly, but they rolled a 666.  Not a good sign for the rest of your skeeson kids.  I’m not sure if you’re aware, but 666 is easily divisible by 2, 3, and 6.  Scary stuff.

Now it’s up to YOU America!  Which of these 5 was the most surprising of Week 1?


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