Charlotte – Week 1 – Who’s Hot / Who’s Not


Skeeve McQueen


Jersey Shore Drunks

Still Skeezy

RockHouse Skeevents

Skeetastic 3

Luckskee Charms


Skeevil Overlords

Ribs and Whiskee

Pistol Petot (3 MSkees)

Sean Potter (Skeeve McQueen)

Wendi Fleener (Skeeriginals)

Matt B (Jersey Shore Drunks)

Amethyst (Skeetastic 3)

L’il Jane Tutone (TLSkee)

Adam (Ribs and Whiskee)



Skeet or Die

3 Skeets to the Wind


Nick “The One” Giaimo (Skeefendants)

Autumn (Sesame Skeet)

Aaron Dworsky (3 Skeets to the Wind)

Alice Farmer (Doggskee Style)

Hundogasm (Skeefendants)

Mike W. (Skeet or Die)

Ashley (Mouseskeeteers)

To view all of the Week 1 Stats, click here.


2 Responses to “Charlotte – Week 1 – Who’s Hot / Who’s Not”

  1. Lipman Says:

    I think I should least get on the hot list for winning the late night showdown!

    • skee4all Says:

      I think you’ll forever be off the Who’s Hot list for telling me you wanted your nickname to be “Captain Awesome”.

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