From the Bottom of the Bottle

A weekly column by Chad with no real specific topic – whatever he’s feeling at the time.

A Dream so Powerful it Overwhelmed Morning Wood

Skeeball is not your average past time, an uncomfortably awesome mixture of people cut with Bud Select, Jolly Bombs, Pineapple Expresses, and Fun Boy’s Libido. All blending together to make Charlotte’s – soon the world’s- most entertaining past time.  And we have one person to thank for this marvelous concoction, Mr. Brian – it only took me 12 Skeeson’s to figure out how to roll well – Farrell. So regardless of the winning, losing, friendships, more than just friendships, marriages (3 and counting), lets never forget that one magnificent morning. Where between some unnamed chick’s sheets, Brian Farrell popped out of bed in full morning glory, knowing full well what he wanted to do with the rest of his 20’s. “I’m gonna start a skeeball league!!!!” So every match this skeeson, never forget that with each roll you are fulfilling a dream that was more powerful than morning wood. And those my friends, are the most powerful dreams of all.
Retold in the non present third person by Chad Brophy


[Editor’s note:  Ha.  I love telling this story on Super Saturday. If you’re a vet you’ve probably heard it a bgillion times. If you’re a rookie or *gasp!* missed this past Super Saturday – make sure you’re there this go round – Saturday May 9th!]


One Response to “From the Bottom of the Bottle”

  1. Pistol Says:

    Can we even call the Pineapple Express shots at Murphys in that name – it seems ol’ Murph is getting the best Tequila from Alaska.

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