Giaimo’s Week 2 Wednesday Picks (Charlotte)


1) Still Skeezy (-10) over Doggskee Style: First of all, I have no idea
why Doggskee style has two Gs in their name.  They were either giving a
tribute to Snoop or they did it just to annoy me.  However, my choice on
the outcome has nothing to do with spelling.  I don’t know if I’ve met the
guys from Still Skeezy but it’s three dudes going against three ladies (I think).
You’re telling me the athletically superior male team is only getting the
benefit of 3 points per person?  Skeetastic 3 is the only all-female team
I’d ever bet on, and that’s because they’ve been together for 20 skeesons.

[Editor’s note:  No clue who Doggskee Style’s third is – Amanda? Steve? JodyBo?]

2) Skeet or Die (+100) over Skeeriginals: That’s a lot of points to cover
coming off a horrible performance by Big Mike.  The Skeeriginals are a good
team and all but I don’t see them ever being consistently over 850.  I have
to believe that Skeet or Die can stay within 50 points or so.  Just because
they’ve been playing since forever ago doesn’t mean they’re that good.

[Editor’s note:  Wendi is on a mission this skeeson – they’ll definitely break 900 a few times. Plus, Skeet or Die completely sh*t the bed last week. Skeeriginals will absolutely cover this spread.]

3) Skeefendants (+10) over MSkees: Brian told Shawn and I that we can’t
intentionally roll poorly in early weeks so that we win the Most Improved
Roller award.  If I would have known that, I wouldn’t have sported a 220
last week.  Our team is all about redemption and Petot and his boys are
going to be on the receiving end.  Please note that this pick is contingent
on Dom actually showing up and Petot not bringing in a ringer (Katrina) to
artificially inflate their score.

[Editor’s Note:  Sigh.]

4) Skee Love & Special Sauce (-15) over Yodle Le He Skee: I almost didn’t
pick this match simply because I didn’t want to write those names.  This
match up basically consists of Glenn and two awful partners versus Sunil
and two awful partners.  Is Sunil 15 points better than Glenn on any given
night?  I think so. I’m giving it to Skee Love.

5) Skeeve McQueen (-90) over Bud Light Skees: The outdated roster Brian
gave me doesn’t have a lot of these team names so I have no idea who is on
Bud Light Skees.  Hopefully they’re good.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t
matter.  Skeeve McQueen is legit.  The tyrant that is Tom Taylor has
whipped Sean into a legitimate high roller and Brian Fudge just makes team
even more dangerous.  They have to be the favorite to win Wednesday.

–The One



7 Responses to “Giaimo’s Week 2 Wednesday Picks (Charlotte)”

  1. Tom "Tyrant" Taylor Says:

    Very hurtful…I’ll have you know my coaching methods are as warm and fuzzy as Bobby Knight’s.

  2. Liz 'I will kick your ass for saying that' Vaagen Says:

    Who’s picks are these? You suck. Sunil has 2 VERY GOOD rollers as partners, granted not as good as Sunil (who can be?) but we keep up without shame…

    If we ever meet in person I’ll have your head on a platter and my little son will eat from it.

    • skee4all Says:

      Wow – please let me clarify that these are the picks of Nicholas J. Giaimo aka “The One”.

      And Liz, now you realize you have to have a good week rolling.

  3. Petot Says:

    Skeefendants 878 3 MSkees 891 (need I say more)

  4. Katrina Says:

    If Dom fails to show again this week, you can count on the same sub you had last week. I heard she would love the chance to beat Brian and Giaimo!! I’m just sayin’!!!

  5. The One Says:


    I probably should have checked the stats before making my prediction. Kelly rolled a 26 so she’s average.

  6. big mike Says:

    my game will be back this week so watch out

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