Raleigh Skeeson I Super Saturday Recap (finally)



What a Super Saturday that was indeed!  The playoffs for the Champions Chalice came down to the #8 seed Ali Baba and the 40 Skeeves (who upset both the #1 seed and #4 seed to make it to the finals) and the #3 seed The Tim Skeebows.  What a great match it was, but in the end the slipper just didn’t fit cinderella and The Tim Skeebows claimed the Champions Chalice and the title of “Best Skeeball Team in Raleigh!”

Somehow Wendy managed to stay under the radar all skeeson – but Super Saturday was definitely her coming out party!  She dominated  #5 Spencer, #8 Ray, and then beat up on #3 Ryan in the finals to become the best roller in Raleigh and the first member of the elite High Rollers Club!

Congrats to both Wendy and The Tim Skeebows!

What about the Hundo Shootout winner?  Well, what about him.  His name is Mr. Burgundy and he’s kind of a big deal.  Rolling Times snubbed him on a cover claiming that he would be getting enough press when he joins the Raleigh League.  But for now, he’s got the Hundo Shootout trophy and the title of Best Hundo Roller in Raleigh.  But watch out, I hear Dave “Ivan Hundo” Winans is coming for you!

Alright America – it’s up to you.  Should Mr. Burgundy grace the cover of Rolling Times for winning the Hundo Shootout?  Get your votes in!


6 Responses to “Raleigh Skeeson I Super Saturday Recap (finally)”

  1. Mr. Burgundy Says:

    Speaking of Mr. Burgundy, I hear through the grape vine that he’s a skee-agent as of right now. Not sure if thats true or not but i’ve seen him around trying to recruit skeemates for Skeeson II in Raleigh…

  2. Mr. Burgundy Says:

    and boom goes the dynamite!

  3. Ivan Hundo Says:

    I must break you!

    What is the rumor mill saying about where Burgundy may land!?

  4. Ivan Hundo Says:

    Good thing i’ve taking my H skee H in the off-season… are their drug tests?

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