Charlotte Trivia – Week 2

First person to respond correclty via comment/email/text/call wins a bucket of Bud Selects at Murphy’s Tavern!


What is the nickname for the “Charles Shaw” brand of frugal yet delicious wines typically sold at Trader Joe’s?


6 Responses to “Charlotte Trivia – Week 2”

  1. Cpt.BenJamin Says:

    2 buck chuck

  2. Candyman Says:

    Two buck chuck

  3. Angus Says:

    “good luck and don’t upchuck”

  4. Candyman Says:

    You’ve got to be F’in kidding me. This is the second time you’ve pulled this sh*t on me Ben. I hate you….I hate you like the no down dirty dog that you are.

    Well…not really. Maybe.

  5. Rebel Says:

    I can see Ben now – wakes up, scratches his balls, puts his make-up on for about an hr, toasts up his rice patty with I can’t believe it’s not butter, then casually walks over to his pink laptop and notices that he is the 1st to respond like always and jumps with joy!

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