Pistol Petot’s Picks – Week 2 (Charlotte)

Upskee Daiskee vs. Ribs and Whiskee (-60)

Haven’t met this Upskee Daiskee team yet – but telling by their Week 1 score I believe the odds makers are being a little kind.  Even though Skeeson VIII Rookskee of the Year Will.I.Am has two rookskee teammates (one that is committed to the 40 for now & the other that needs to get some practice in) looks to me Ribs and Whiskee will pull this one out by at least 100.

Bootskeelicious vs. Gym Class Skeeroes (-120)

Ouch!  Bootskeelicious makes the Wall Skeet Journal cover and they get no love in match-up vs. #3 Gym Class Skeeroes.  I see the Skeeroes rolling with confidence at (-80).  X-Factor in this matchup is will Lipman be too engulfed in conversation w/ the ladies of Bootskeelicious to concentrate on his roll?  Lyndsay will be looking to catch up with Lil Jane and Hunter is just two spots from the High Roller list…

Big fan of Bootskeelicious by the way – they have the commitment, the drive, and the determination to improve weekly – my team to watch…

Luckskee Charms (-50) vs. Super Skeeroes

Jimmy is gonna have his hands full with 5 ladies in competition.  Alyssa and Luckskee Charms could run away with this one.  Looking at Super Skeeroes scores from last week, it doesn’t seem like their head is in the game.  Like I always say – nothing better than giving you that edge you need than a round of Jolly Bombs!

These 2 teams are going opposite directions and I see Luckskee Charms staying in the top 5 for Thursday.

Skee Amigas vs. Dude, Have You Skeen My Money Balls? (-60)

This will be the 2nd week straight that I will be going against the talented Skee Amigas (sorry girls).  Chris “wet” Weitzel’s emergence as team leader for Dude, Have You Skeen my Money Balls will lead sweet Caroline and weak link Preston to victory on Thursday.  In the end though, these two teams will remain good friends.  Not much left to say than Katie and Preston – step it up!

[Editor’s note: don’t sleep on Preston.  Kid can flat out roll…just needs a few brews in him first.]

Skeebrews (-25) vs. Little Lebowskee Urban Under Achievers

Not quite sure who on Little Lebowskee was formerly with the original Lebowskee.  But Skeebrews has two of those former members in Jarod and Don.  Will the brown robes come out to play?  Jarod will try to improve on his good start from last week and Don will hopefully break 25 this week.  Similar scores from Week 1 as Skeebrews pull out the W…that is if the red light special doesn’t get in the way.

[Editor’s note:  No one on LLUUA was on it last skeeson – strictly coincidence which is kinda cazy.  Keep your eye on the Skeebrews – both in the rankings and in the costume department.]

-Pistol Petot



2 Responses to “Pistol Petot’s Picks – Week 2 (Charlotte)”

  1. Petot Says:

    ha ha nice pic

  2. Cpt.BenJamin Says:

    Petot, who is picking the matches you are commenting on? Do you pick by who you want to brown nose (reads; sleep with). You afraid to cover the best team in the league??

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