Rolling Times interviews “The Great Gatskee”


Josh “The Great Gatskee” Ganeles recently sat down with Rolling Times to discuss his nickname, his favorite pizza, his ambidextrous ways, and of course a little skeeball as well.  Josh had a fairly frustrating Skeeson I in Raleigh – his team missing the playoffs, and then individually making it into the Wild Card Tourney, but getting bumped first round – but he held his head high the entire time and was recognized with the ACE (Attendance, Camaraderie, Enthusiasm) award on Super Saturday.

Rolling Times: We’re joined today by Josh “The Great Gatskee” of Andre Agaskee in Raleigh. Congrats on a great Skeeson I!

Josh: Thank you, sir

Rolling Times: Let’s begin with the nickname – how did it come to fruition?

Josh: I would say there is a deep, long rooted story behind it, but truly.. I have a wild mind and I went through a quick phase attaching “skee” to everything.This was simply a ‘winner’.

Rolling Times: Yeah, we dig it as well.  I read the edition of The Wall Skeet Journal in which you boisterously guaranteed that your squad Andre Agaskee would climb the ranks and make the playoffs. What exactly happened with that prediction?

Josh: A week before the tourney, I injured my skee hand in a scary bass-fishing accident. I wasnt 100%.

Rolling Times: I’m not buying that story, but we’ll let the people decide.

Josh: It was in training… i dont play well under pressure.

Rolling Times:  Speaking of Andre Agaskee, are you testing the skee agent markets with your new found skeelebrity status, or are you staying with your skeemates?

Josh: That remains to be seen. I like our team. And I believe our best skeeball has not yet been played. Adam and Stacy know they have spots if they want them. I HOPE they know 🙂

Rolling Times: Sounds like there isn’t a whole lot of communication amongst you guys during the off-skeeson…not a good sign.

Josh: We missed the playoffs…losing is hard for us. But we are all good.

Rolling Times: I need you to confirm or deny a rumor I heard. Is it true, or simply a myth, that during Week 6 you switched to rolling left handed halfway through the match and actually rolled better than the first half?
That’s gotta be a fable, right?

Josh: I can confirm that rumor.
Sometimes change is something you have to believe in.
It worked well enough that I have made it a habit now.

Rolling Times: Quite impressive.
If you could build your dream team (and assuming you’d pick yourself), who would you choose for your two skeemates? And who would your alternate be?

Josh: ooooh… Hmm..
I would put myself on the team, along with 2 of my heroes. Bruce Springskeen and Don Mattingskee.
And my alternate would have to be Jon Bon Jovskee.

Rolling Times:  Wow, good picks. I hope they’re good at skeeball – or you could have another short skeeson.

Josh: The talent level on those guys is far beyond the rest of us.

Rolling Times: What was the bigger upset in Skeeson I – #1 Pirates of the Cariskeein losing first round to #8 Ali Baba and the 40 Skeeves, or the #12 seed Wendy winning the entire High Rollers Tourney?

Josh: The biggest upset was The Great Gatskee losing in the Wild Card. But a close second was Wendy’s romp. Of course the #1 seed bowing out early was major, but I think Wendy flew completely under the radar and peaked at the perfect time. Her skeemates kept her talents quiet. That was an awesome surprise and a great tourney to watch!

Rolling Times: I absolutely agree. She might need to renegotiate her contract before Skeeson II kicks off.
Rolling Times: Our insider sources have informed us that you play quite a lot of tennis.  Which sport would you say you’re better at – skeeball or tennis?
Josh:  I do play a lot of tennis, and yes, I would say I am much more confident in my tennis game than skeeball… if my skeeball game can catch my tennis game…uh oh.
Rolling Times: We couldn’t help but notice the paparazskee always seems to photograph you with a hot lady or two on your arm.  I know a true ladies man never reveals his secrets, but what’s your angle with the chicas?
Josh: A Casanova I am not.  Not even close.  If I had secrets, they are secret even to myself.  Maybe I hope that by photographing with beautiful women, I become more handsome by association and therefore possibly desired.
Hasn’t worked yet.
The only thing I surely know about women is there are 2 theories to winning an argument with them.  Neither of them work.

Rolling Times: Sounds like you’re a big fan of the humble pie.  Speaking of pies, who makes the best pizza – Papa John’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or other?

Josh: I’m an ‘Other’. Growing up in New York, we have tons of Italian places. The pizza is what you dream it to be. Its nothing to just grab a huge large pie and 50 wings for $22.00. I miss the Italian…

Rolling Times: Alright my man, one last question – any words of advice for the upcoming rookskee class of Skeeson II?

Josh: Coming from a guy who JUST missed the playoffs…Skeeball is no joke. You go through hot and cold streaks, man. You very rarely just step up and roll a high game…
This league has been nothing short of outstanding. From the friends I have made, the fun I have had, and how well its been organized, I am hard pressed to think of things I have had more fun being a part of.

Rolling Times: Alright Great Gatskee, thanks for sitting down with us. Now get back to your ambidextrous off-skeeson training. Best of Luck in Skeeson II!

Josh: I have already added 5 lbs of skee muscle in preparation. I’ll be ready.
Andre Agaskee may have to be retired, but we now make way for John Macenroll!!

Rolling Times: Wow. Watch out Raleigh!


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