Capt. Jamin’s Ballin’ on a Budget Bargains – 3/5/09


As a man who loves free stuff and actually gets all kinds of “stuff”….I want to spread the love. By that I simply mean I will share with you and in return I will have great karma….there by leading me to more free stuff!!
Which leads me to my first bargain, and my spreading of the love all over the Queen City. Redbox movies rentals…I get about 4 to 5 free movie rentals a week because I have figured out how to work the system in my favor.  To join the “free movie Monday” revolution, just follow the link below and give Redbox your cell number. They will never call you but will text you every Monday morning around 10am with a free promo code!!
Need a little something to eat while you watch your free movie? Well make room for Arby’s folks and the new Roasted Burger…now I haven’t tried it yet but anything you can cover in Arby’s Horsey Sauce equals yummy time!! Follow the link below, sign up for the club and they will email you a coupon. Expires 3/14.
Looking for a deal on something in particular? Let me know and I’ll see what I can find. Next week I have 2 free sneak previews to give tickets to, Redbox free movie Wednesday’s and much more in the future. If you can’t tell already….movies and food is what I love. The End.

PS- MCDONALDS – 49¢ Hamburger, 59¢ Cheeseburger Every Friday – March 06 – April 24, 2009 – USA

-Captain Jamin’


4 Responses to “Capt. Jamin’s Ballin’ on a Budget Bargains – 3/5/09”

  1. A Says:

    Burger King has .59 burgers and .69 cheeseburgers on Tuesdays. Also, AMC Theaters has $5.00 movies Monday-Thursday and $5.00 popcorn and coke-refillable. 🙂 Date night done for $15.00! Love it!!

    Great info. Thanks!

  2. skee4all Says:

    Looks like Ms. A is already ballin’ on a budget! Boo yah!

  3. Captain Jamin’ Says:

    Wow….I guess I should be happy that someone else is spreading the love….but I feel like its more stepping on my toes. I figured people would have known about the $5 movie and $5 drink/popcorn combo?? But I guess I will have to pull out my some old specials too…

    PS- are those burger specials for reals? They are more expensive than McD’s and not half as good. Next week I will tell you about Harris Teeter sub club for $2.99 and Autumn will tell everyone about $5 footlongs from Subway? God, I hope not….

    (this was written while high on sarcasm!!)

  4. Mr. Burgundy Says:

    The sub club is AMAZING!!! also, not sure who knows about it (i’m assuming quite a few of you do) but for free movies check out

    it has most all new movies that are in theatres still, albeit they are not the greatest quality (someone snuck a video camera in) but its a free way to check out a movie you kinda wanted to see but didn’t wanna drop any dough or have to wait for it to come out on blueray/dvd

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