Nick “Greasy Hands” Giaimo?

Alright listen, I wasn’t gonna post this video at first just because it was probably Giaimo’s lowest score of the night and quite frankly, I prefer Giaimo e viewed strictly in deity form.  I know most folks think a 30 is a “good score”, but we’re talking about Giaimo here – the kid’s been playing since Skeeson I, he’s a Brewskee Mug Skeeson V Champion, and he’s a BROTY member of The High Rollers Club.  The kid wipes his a$$ with 30s.  So I wasn’t going to post this video.  But then when I watched it the second time to verify his score, I noticed him wiping his hand on his shirt about 6000 times before he rolled.  Did anyone else see that? WTF is that?!?!?  We all know about his “lean back”.  It’s his trademark move.  Jordan had the tongue sticking out, Lebron has the chalk in the air pre-game ritual, Jamal Anderson had the Dirty Bird, and Giaimo has the lean back. But what in the f*ck is he doing with his hand/shirt/breast right there? Did he eat the world’s greasiest fried chicken before he rolled? Did he just stick his hand into a jar of molasses?  I’m fairly certain he wiped his hand on his shirt 11 times.  11 times!  Is this something new to his ritual and I haven’t noticed? What is going on here?  Someone please explain because I’m confused as all get out.


6 Responses to “Nick “Greasy Hands” Giaimo?”

  1. The One Says:

    That’s the routine — I’ve been doing for the last 5 skeesons.

    1) Shake it out (Michael Phelps Style)
    2) Wipe the shirt (I did it more often during this video because i was waiting for the guy next to me to get out of my way)
    3) Spin the first ball a few times
    4) Lean back
    5) Dominate

  2. Captain Jamin’ Says:

    I wish he had done it 13 times….11 just isn’t enough. what did you end up rolling last night??

  3. Angus Says:

    d) Farrell left a deep layer of leftover ‘personal lubricant’ on the skeeballs

  4. Candyman Says:

    By “Dominating” do you mean bringin’ it strong w/ a high score of 22 to “lead” your team to “victory?”

    I’m just sayin’…

  5. Liz 'My Child Eats Shit Like You for Breakfast. Your Son Eats Shit for Breakfast?' Vaagen Says:

    Since when is ‘The One (incher)’ considered a deity? I would like to think the pressure of expectation has been too much for him in the last 9 skeesons and he’s finally and hopefully breaking down…we can all hope.

    22 is only the beginning of his downward spiral. I have his voodoo doll almost completely done, anyone want to supply the pins?

    Brian…are you coming tonight, only the cool people were in invited.

  6. Candyman Says:

    Invited to….? Christ I can’t even remember. What was it again?

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