How long from skeeball handshake to Facebook friend request?


I’ve watched this go down every skeeson so far, and paid extra attention to it in Raleigh this past skeeson as everyone was new to the experience.  So you’re at skeeball having a few bevvys and rolling well (or not) and meeting the occasional new folk or two.  When is it “okay” to friend request this person on facebook?  The next day?  Most people wouldn’t see a problem with this while others would consider it “creepy/stalker” behavior.  Okay, then how about after Week 2 or 3?  You’ve run into them a few times now, probably exchanged pleasantries, discussed minor background details, etc.  Now you’re golden to go for the friend request right?  Or do you wait until you run into them outside of skeeball?  Get your votes in America – at what point is it kosher to friend request a fellow skeeballer?


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