What happened to Brophy?


What the f*ck is going on with Chad Brophy? Does anyone know why he’s rolling so poorly this skeeson?  The guy is a Skeeson V Champion, a Skeeson IV BROTY member of the High Rollers Club, he’s won the Hundo Shootout, and he even invented “The Donkey Show” (when a player rolles the ball into the 100 first, and then proceeds to nail the remaining balls into the 40 and/or 50 spot, resulting in a 460+).

But where has he gone?  So far this skeeson he’s rolled a 26.9 and a 24.5

Is he too pre-occupied with work?  A chick? A dude?  Too much time in the gym getting that svelt physique prepared for the beach?

I hope he isn’t washed up and doing his retirement tour way past his prime a la Kareem Abdul Jabar.  If anyone sees Ginger Love, please tell him the 40 misses him.


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