From the Bottom of the Bottle – 3/10/09



Skeeson IX might be the nicest bunch of people I’ve ever rolled with. Everyone politely watches the other team roll, even helps them keep score accurately, and openly cheers for them to skee well. It’s the most fragrant example of bull sh!t I’ve smelled in IX skeesons. Seriously, it’s not like Brian tricked the waitress into dosing the shots with ecstasy. You secretly want to win. It’s ok to feel the competition.  It’ll come out during Super Saturday anyway.  And this is coming from someone that cares less about my skeeball score than Farrell cares about his liver. So this week, mess with somebody’s head, make fun of my prone rolling style, flagrantly hit on Tutone while Harrison is rolling, sabotage your competition with two rounds of shots before the match, drop a silent fart after you roll (a Brandon Harris original), or tell Brett Lipman that the girl over there has been staring at him all night right before he rolls. And be inventive about it. The more clever it is, the more it shows you care about the person. So rip somebody a new one while they are rolling this week, you’ll probably get a new drinking buddy. And if they don’t appreciate it, don’t worry; I’ll drink with you.



2 Responses to “From the Bottom of the Bottle – 3/10/09”

  1. Lipman Says:

    That’s usually when I step up my game. Gotta impress the ladies!

  2. Melanie Says:

    Wait. Who is Brett trying to impress? 🙂

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