H-Town Babay!


He’s won the High Roller Tournament, he’s won a Championship, he’s even beaten his arch rival in a highly-publicized head to head match, and still H-Town gets no respect.  Maybe it’s due to the self promotion “H-Town Babay!” before big rolls, or the fact that he has partnered with Brandon instead of branching out on his own – but I’ll tell you this right now, you roll like this kid did on Thursday night and the respect shall be shown.

I don’t think many folks realized what was happening last Thursday night, but Harrison “H-Town” Heiman” went f*cking ballistic on Lane 1.  He hit 41 hundos on his way to a 453 – the second highest individual score ever in Charlotte history!  Let me back up for one second – 41 hundos (take notes Ivan Hundo) – that means he was averaging just over 4 hundos per frame.  Incredible! Outrageous! Amazing!

Rolling Times is curious if Brandon and Ben can handle not being the leader of the team and being in the spotlight?  They’re both fairly well-known and decorated skeelebrities and can hold their own on the skeeball lanes.  But could this be the demise of a possibly great team (see: Kobe and Shaq), or can they figure out a great team chemistry and continue their winning ways all the way to Super Saturday?

Only time will tell my friends.  Only time will tell.


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