T-minus 4 days – St. Pats Bar Crawl 2009!


I know the majority of you out there still have yet to decide what you’re doing this weekend to celebrate St. Pat’s.  You kept holding off waiting for some huge awesome new opportunity and now it’s less than  a week away and you don’t have plans.  I’ve seen it a thousand times – it’s what Charlotte does.  New Year’s Eve plans – let’s wait until the last week to decide.  Halloween plans – let’s wait until the last week to decide.  St. Patrick’s – let’s wait…..you get the point.

Well guess what – now the party party party is only 4 days away.  So unless you’ve already committed to Charleston, Columbia, or Savannah, you’re probably staying in Charlotte. And if you’re staying in Charlotte, the only place to be is Rich and Bennett’s St Patty’s Bar Crawl.  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS YEAR’S BAR CRAWL!  And here’s why:

  1. You get a cool t-shirt
  2. It is by far the biggest party in Charlotte all year long – over 4000 people in your age range, slugging back drinks and making extremely poor decisions
  3. No cover charge if you’re on the bar crawl.  Each bar has a $5 – $10 cover charge on Saturday because they know people will pay to get hammer time this weekend.  If you have a shirt, you’re good to go
  4. THIS JUST IN – The Travel Channel will be there recording the event for a future segment of their “Extreme” series.  So now you can have your poor decisions broadcast in front of a national audience – awesome!
  5. You’ll get to see about 16,000 “Kiss me I’m drunk/Kiss me I’m Irish” shirts, buttons, hats, etc
  6. When someone asks you on Monday “what’d you do this weekend?”  You can reply with “set a world record – what about you?”
  7. Free entrance into Shamrock’n’roll later that night.  It’s a pretty cool event, but I would say only about 10% of the bar crawlers actually make it back to Dixie’s for it
  8. It’s supposed to be gorgeous on Saturday – what better way to spend it than pounding a few brews uptown while making a $hit-ton of new friends
  9. Pretty much every bar uptown is involved in this thing.  Even the new ones.
  10. I’ve hidden a skeeball machine at one of the locations – first one to find it wins free jolly bombs for the rest of the skeeson.

Seriously, you don’t want to miss this bar crawl – way too much fun!  Last chance to pre-pay ($20) is this Thursday night at Cans.  After that it’s $30 the day of.

Erin Go Bra-Less!

For more info or to pay online, click here.


One Response to “T-minus 4 days – St. Pats Bar Crawl 2009!”

  1. Captain Jamin’ Says:

    And i’m hosting the other side of the bar crawl…you forgot to mention the best part!!

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