Captain Jamin’s Ballin’ on a Budget Bargains – 3/11/09


Well its that time again….free movie WEDNESDAYS!! Check out with code: JBG123 It’s good for one nights rental and Redbox just got some oldies but goodies recently! Last night I HAD to watch Steel Magnolias (just kidding honey!) but tonight I renting Cliffhanger!! I consider myself a movie enthusiast and most would claim blasphemy that I haven’t seen not one single Rocky. Those people can shutty….becuase I have seen all the Rambo’s and his best movie to date….CLIFFHANGER!! Rent it and tell John Lithgow I said “whats up!”

I promised a 2nd movie screening this week and I got all the details here: Knowing – starring Nicholas Cage at Philips Place March 18th @ 7:30pm – Pick up passes at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find 1957 E 7th St Charlotte, NC 28204 Between 11:00am-2:00pm on Monday, March 16- Wednesday, March 18

You might be saying “why would I want to see that movie?” My answer would be “I have no idea.” But what I would suggest is “using” the pass to get into the theater and going to see what ever you want!! And…..I’m out!

–Capt. Jamin’

[Editor’s note:  Two things that I hate about this post.  1)  Ben mentions Nicholas Cage – i despise him like no other.  2)  He’s picking “Cliffhanger” as his all-time favorite Sly Stallone movie?!?!?  WTF! I’ll take the Hippopotamus Christmas song over Cliffhanger any day of the week and twice on Sundays!]


3 Responses to “Captain Jamin’s Ballin’ on a Budget Bargains – 3/11/09”

  1. Captain Jamin’ Says:

    Despise Nick Cage? Are you high? Have you seen Gone 60 Seconds? Adaptation? National Treasure 1 and 2?

    What is the best all-time greatest Sly movie then?

  2. skee4all Says:

    Hated it, Hated it, Hated it, and double Hated it. I can’t stand him. At all. His only redeeming movie is The Family Man.

    Best Sly movie = Stop or my mom will shoot!

  3. CP1 Says:

    Cliffhanger SUCKS! Was watching the 2nd half of that movie last week and it was hard to leave it on. Way to many grunts from Sly!

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