Pistol Petot’s Picks (Thurs) – Week 3 (Charlotte)


[Editor’s note: Pistol Petot comes into this week’s picks with a record of 4-1-1. ]

Upskee Daiskee vs. Moskeetoes Balls (even)

First of all – I just want to point out that Upskee Daiskee is 2-0 with a team average of 663!  I’d have to say that’s a first.  Moskeetoes Balls are 1 spot ahead of their competition this week but I don’t believe Michelle can carry her team 3 weeks straight.  How many rollers does Moskeetoes Balls have anyways?  Since it seems to be 5 on 3 the wise guy would go with Moskeetoes Balls by 24 for their first victory of the skeeson.

Just The Tip vs. Gym Class Skeeroes (-25)

Can this celebrity packed team of Just the Tip get it together for the first time this skeeson and upset (did I just say that) the hot team of Gym Class Skeeroes?  Will Ginger and his go-go-gadget arm nail the 40’s?  Can Fun Boy get wasted in time for game-time?  Will they use Tall A$$ hot hand for the 2nd week?  Many questions to be answered.  Gym Class Skeeroes would love to dominate and step all over these boys, but I’m gonna go out on a limb (a very frail one to be honest) and say Just the Tip (which sums up GM’s college life) will lead after the 4th frame and take an 886-872 win.  Holla…

[Editor’s note:  Gym Class Skeeroes wins this one easily.]

Mouseskeeteers vs. Skeevil Overlords (even – first one to 700 wins)

I like the idea of first team to 700 wins.  That’s telling me these 2 teams got some things to work on.  I believe the Overlords will be that team.  Lets go for 800 kids!  Don’t see the Mouseskeeteers hitting that 700 plateau, maybe week 4.  Skeevil Overlords 761 – Mouseskeeteers  693.

Luckskee Charms vs. Dude, Have You Skeen My Money Balls? (-10)

WOW!  A great match to end the evening.  With St. Pattys day coming up and all it seems Luckskee Charms will have all the rolls going their way.  I have caught onto the Dude, Have you Skeen my Money Balls bandwagon by taking a smoke break and losing my keys yesterday (at least it wasn’t as bad as my car).

By the way Dude, have you seen my car is probably Ashton Kutchers best movie – his acting career so far is kind of similar to Keanu Reeves – going nowhere. Does anyone even think this past model is even funny?  Sorry went off course for a bit there.

I can see it now Caroline will concentrate too much on her rolls, Preston I’m guessing will be drunk enough but that last jolly bomb will get to him in the 6th frame, and Chris will live up to that awesome forename, but Alyssa’s roll is just effortless, she definetly uses her length to her advantage.  She’s like 4 leprachauns in one!  Now that’s a lot of luck.  So unless Amanda holds these girls back I don’t see Luckskee Charms losing this one.  Only 1 team can stay undefeated.

[Editor’s note:  Ashton Kutcher is leaps and bounds above Keanu Reeves.  And his best movie was “What Happens in Vegas” with Cameron Diaz. I win.]

–Pistol Petot



One Response to “Pistol Petot’s Picks (Thurs) – Week 3 (Charlotte)”

  1. Melanie Says:

    How are the Superskeeroes not even mentioned for week 3?! We won too thankyouverymuch….

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