Has “G” already claimed the Rookskee of the Year award?


I don’t think this has ever happened before. We’re heading into Week 4 and it seems that we already have a clear cut winner for Rookskee of the Year?!?!?  Is that even possible?

Gaurav Shah, aka “G”, has stepped it up big time the past two weeks and is currently leaps and bounds above all other rookskees.  I see three folks who could maybe catch him if they stayed steady/improved every week and G had a meltdown or two – Adam (Ribs and Whiskee), Jason (Notorious B.I.Skee), and Dave (Skeebrews).  But other than that, I don’t see anyone touching this kid. Think Tim Duncan ’97-’98….hands down rookie of the year.

See that?  That’s what winners are made of.  He nails the 50 on the last ball to roll a 310 and walks away like it ain’t no thang.  No high-fives or chest bumps, no self-promotion, no taunting the opponents – just cold-blood rolling.  I pity the fool who plays this kid in the High Rollers Tourney because he is an ice cold killer.  If he hasn’t done so already, G needs to sign with an agent asap because he is about to take over this league.  Someone mark my words. No, seriously, write it down and date it:  G – Skeeson IX Rookskee of the Year.


One Response to “Has “G” already claimed the Rookskee of the Year award?”

  1. CP1 Says:

    bring it! Too bad he’s got Dhiren holding him back…

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