Just when I thought I was over “The Hills”…

I’m not gonna lie, I got sucked into this show a few seasons ago because it was on The First Lady’s DVR list.  That and I used to watch Laguna Beach – so I obviously had to follow LC to The Hills.  I haven’t caught it in quite some time, but I’ve always hated that f*ck d0uche Spencer and I’ve been licking my chops at the day when he would finally take a beatdown of epic proportions.

Fast forward to 1:08 of this clip.  Spencer is pisT and is in some dude’s face.  I’ve seen some dude’s in some dude’s faces in my time.  And you absolutely do not open with the line “Now it’s real dog, you just got in my business.” while calmly taking off your $20,000 leather jacket.  You always always always make sure you’re shirtless and get within two centimeters of the guys face and yell “I will work you dog, WORK YOU!!!” in a crazy boston accent.  If I learned anything from CT, it was that.  Best in-your-face-I-wanna-fight opening line ever.  No one stands a chance against that.  (And yes, I tried to find that clip, but no luck.  Probably because it’s the best 30 seconds of reality tv of all time and if they released it youtube would simply have to shut down.)  “I WILL WORK YOU DOG, WORK YOU!”

Anyways, then fast forward to the 1:50 mark. Why 1:50?  Because you catch a glimpse of Audrina — you’re welcome.  And then immediately after that Spencer and some dude are throwing fisticuffs at some snooty bar. And I mean real fisticuffs. None of this yelling “c’mon bro – let’s do this, hit me” while 8 of your bros hold you back. I mean he’s throwing heat at the dude’s grill. I just wish roles were reversed.  Actually no. What I really wish is that they would throw Spencer on The Duel (real world/road rules challenge….don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about) so CT could eat him up.  Ah yes, a CT vs. Spencer steel cage match.  “I will work you dog, WORK YOU!”


5 Responses to “Just when I thought I was over “The Hills”…”

  1. cpwildcat Says:


  2. Liz is Confused... Says:

    Is ‘The Hills’ a reality show or is it like a regular scripted show? I’ve heard both sides…and honestly really don’t care…so don’t answer my question.

  3. skee4all Says:

    Another debate as old as time – The Hills: reality or scripted?

    I say scripted.

  4. Autumn Says:

    I say sucks.
    Watched 3 minutes of it once and I could have bi$ch slapped all of them.

  5. Lisa Jeffries Says:

    Best skee-post EVER.

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