The Resurgence of Brad Meacham


Brad Meacham has been the subject of whispers and rumors since Skeeson VII.  He rolled his a$$ off in Skeeson VI, which catapulted him to captain status for VII.  And he rolled well then also, which had everyone a buzz about him.  But then Skeeson VIII came along and he and his better half Jen dug deep into the Meacham bank account to sign intergalactic superstar Nick “The One” Giaimo thinking that surely (Don’t call me Shirley) with Giaimo on their team, they’d find themselves atop the lanes on Super Saturday.  Only that dream quickly unraveled as both Brad and Jen struggled to consistently find the 40, leaving Giaimo on a mediocre team and complaining to the media about it.

During the off-skeeson, most folks form teams and snatch up skee agents fairly quickly.  But Brad sat and sat and sat by the phone.  No calls, no emails.  Had his performance really scared off all of his previous suitors?  And then about a week before the skeeson started, the call finally came.  It was Pistol Petot and he offered Brad a deal he couldn’t refuse.  Brad signed on the non-dotted line and hasn’t looked back.  He is now a man on a mission to prove all of the critics wrong.  He rolled out of his mind last week – a 324 with two Full 40s – and led 3 MSkees to a 923, and one step closer to the promised land.

Saturday, May 9th, 2009 – Will the 3 MSkees be playing?


One Response to “The Resurgence of Brad Meacham”

  1. Brad Says:

    B-money, that is…….You better recognize!!!

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