Giaimo’s Week 4 Wed Picks (Charlotte)


[Editor’s note:  Giaimo comes into Week 4 with an 11-3 record on picks.  Touche!]

Brian [Ed’s note: Vegas] has gotten smarter with his lines as the skeeson has progressed.
This is no different than Vegas getting smarter with their NFL lines in
Week 8 compared to Week 1.  There’s more information to go on which makes
picking games that much harder.  Fortunately, I’m very smart.

Sesame Skeet (+20) over Loud @ Skee: Loud @ Skee is much worse when Pete plays.
They’re averaging only an 822 when he plays compared to the 893 they rolled
when he wasn’t around.  Not only did they probably get a ringer for a sub
that week, but Matt Pratt plays much better when there’s no pressure on him
to actually do well.  With Pete on the squad, it’s too much for Pratt to
handle.  I think this will be especially true this week since Pratt has to
play sober at 7:00 on the difficult Lane 2.  I like Sesame Skeet to win
straight up, but I’ll take the points if Brian [Ed’s note: Vegas] is going to give them to me.
I’m going to need another 280 out of Autumn to make this prediction come

[Editor’s note:  I know I’ve been saying “don’t sleep on Sesame Skeet” – and I’m definitely sticking by that, but I’ve got a new motto:  “Don’t f*ck with Matt B.”  The dude is on fire this skeeson.  Unbelievable.  This is a 7:00 match meaning Sesame Skeet has no time to “loosen up”….it’ll be a close match but LOUD @ skee covers.]

Funkskee (-15) over Doggskee Style: If Pants and Brad Smith play, then I
think this team is 45 points better than Doggskee style with Stephanie on
the team instead of Heather.  Meacham scares me because I think she’s much
better playing apart from her husband, but I don’t think it’s enough to
offset the consistent rolling of Funkskee.  I’ll probably get burned on
this one due to substitutions, but I’m banking on the fact that Brad has a
big game and Heather remains on the sidelines.

Skeeriginals (+100) over Skeeve McQueen:
I’m not even looking at the stats
page to help me figure this match out.  Sean Potter’s team (it’s his team
now) is definitely 50 points better than the Skeeriginals but the stars
would have to align perfectly for them to win by 100+ points.  I’m putting
some faith in Big Mike to bounce back and have a decent round to help his
teammates score around 860-870.  This will be enough to cover the spread
even if Potter’s team all rolls in the 310 range.  My only fear here is
that Kevin starts shooting for hundos near the end when he knows the game
is out of reach.  I’ll take my chances.

[Editor’s note:  My Vegas insiders have informed me that Wendi will not be around this week, hence the huge spread.  Without her, Big Mike and Kevin fall apart.]

Bitterskeet (-10) over Rollin Deep:
The best player on Rollin Deep is
Anand, averaging a miserable 21.1 (and I rounded up).  This is pathetic.
If they show up, and I wouldn’t if I were them, there’s no way they are
going to roll higher than 680.  Bitterskeet hasn’t been below 700 yet this
year so I have no idea why Brian [Ed’s note: vegas] made this line so low.  Meredith, just
break 20 and you’ll get this victory easily.

[Editor’s note:  Jennifer, Bitterskeet’s best roller (by far), won’t be here this week.  Watch out for an upset!]

Skeefendants (-140) over Bud Light Skees: Typically, I hate picking the
favorite when the line is this big, but I’m on the Skeefendants and our
team is only getting better.  I don’t think we’re going below 900 again
this skeeson and I love that we finally get a chance to roll on Lane 1
where Hundogasm can put up a big score.  True, we’ll be a bit hammered by
9:00 and that didn’t bode well for us in Week 1, but we’ve been flying
under the radar ever since I intentionally put up a low score in Week 1.  I
like us to win by around 210.

–The One



5 Responses to “Giaimo’s Week 4 Wed Picks (Charlotte)”

  1. The One Says:

    Eventually, Brian may figure out how to post my entries without making it look like I hite ‘enter’ after every other word.

  2. The One Says:

    PS — I love how Brian only tells me that people are going to miss the week after I submit my picks. What a shyster

  3. skee4all Says:

    a) I’ve tried to fix your “half paragraphs”…won’t let me. Fix your settings in your email.
    b) Vegas doesn’t give away insider info. The spreads are set accordingly.

  4. Liz is Awesome Says:

    ‘Intentional’ my fine ass!!!

  5. Anand Says:

    My teamates just told me an hour before gametime they don’t want to play anymore. so it looks like Rollin Deep forfeits the skeeson, and I’ll be banished from skeeball for life now!

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