Pistol Petot’s Thurs Picks – Week 4 (Charlotte)


[Editor’s note:  Pistol Petot comes into this week with a pick record of 6-3-1]

Lane 4 – TLSkee (-20) vs. Ribs and Whiskee

The undefeated TLSkee vs. the Skeeson VIII Rooskee of the Year Will.I.Am and his roomies.  Should be a good match.  After making the Wall Skeet Journal this past week, TLSkee will be looking to show everyone including Gym Class Skeeroes they mean business.  I enjoy rooting for the all girl teams.  Brian and I are patiently waiting until an all girl team wins the Chalice (well sh*t Brian needs to win it too).  It’s a tough thing to do, but some chick has to step up with a nice pair of (anyways).  I’m gonna take TLSkee with the 20 pts in Lane 4.

Lane 3 – Little Lebowskee Urban Under Achievers vs. Moskeetoes Balls (-5)

Wow!  A battle of the underachievers – literally.  Last place, 0-3 teams, LLUUA vs Moskeetoes Balls.  I have some inside info on this game – a teammate form LLUUA won’t be able to attend this much hyped match, so Charlotte Curry will be adding a free agent on Thursday which I hope would give them a boost.  Moskeetoes Balls still have the same 0-3 teammates.  So if I was a betting man, which I am, you can’t pass on LLUUA yeah.

Lane 1 – Luckskee Charms vs. Just the Tip (-40)

Alyssa hurt my pick last week with her absence but her team still almost pulled it out.  Amanda has come on strong since her first night out as my teammate late night, lets just say she kept the match interesting and we lost.  Last week Amanda wanted to prove to me she has worked on her game and how she has, defeating me in 3 frames (I blame my play on the alcohol).  Even though Alyssa is playing so well and her teammates are picking up the slack, I don’t see them overcoming the stench of Just The Tip.  Chad “the Arm” Brophy should lead his team to victory.

Lane 2 – Skeetastic 3 (-100) vs. Skee Amigas

Girl on girl action with skeeballs – nothing better.  Skee Amigas like to have fun and mingle, they just haven’t gotten down the art of the 40 yet.  On the other hand the seasoned vets of Skeetastic 3 know the 40 all to well.  Katrina will lead her ladies to another win to stay undefeated.  They’re coming for you Jerry-Gar-Skee-A (Rockhouse Skeevents)

[Editor’s note:  I agree with every single one of these picks. See everyone tonight!]

Pistol Petot



2 Responses to “Pistol Petot’s Thurs Picks – Week 4 (Charlotte)”

  1. Captain Jamin’ Says:

    Going into week 4 and no “love” (picks) for the Rockhouse?? Makes me sad…but just understand that we will take you down in the playoffs, finals or in the parking lot.

  2. CP1 Says:

    the spreads Brian gives me are too much and you guys haven’t had an interesting matchup yet…so there

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