The Week After Hangover


And boom goes the dynamite.

3 MSkees imploded…and I mean absolutely imploded in Week 4 – rolling a 747 and losing to the #11 team Doggskee Style.  Many folks will be perplexed as to how this could happen, but I’ve seen it too many times –  It’s called the “Week After Hangover” and no one is immune to it.  Just this skeeson alone we’ve already had several examples of it.  Here are a few:

  • H-Town rolled a jaw-dropping 453 in Week 2 – made the cover of Rolling Times, got hyped up in the skeemail, and led the league in individual average – only to come in Week 3 and roll a 286.  Hangover effect.
  • Chad “The Arm” Brophy rolled a 329 in Week 3 and led Just The Tip to a 966 and the headline of The Wall Skeet Journal.  He came in this past Thursday and rolled a 183…yes, a 183.  Hangover effect.
  • Giaimo, Farrell and Hundogasm joined forces in the off-skeeson certain they would completely dominate the league.  They were pre-skeeson ranked #2 and came into Week 1 cocky and care-free.  Then they rolled a 730.  Hangover effect.

Who’s Next?

Who could be next to suffer The Week After Hangover?  Here are a few folks I think could be next in line:

  • Skeeve McQueen – they’ve improved each week, rolling a 962 this past week.
  • 2 Skeezy Brothers and a Broadskee – they’ve also improved each week, upsetting Skee Love and Special Sauce this past week with an 859.
  • Moskeetoes Balls – got their first victory of Skeeson IX and rolled a career high.
  • G (I Skee Drunk People) – a rookie can’t stay this hot all skeeson long, can he?

One Response to “The Week After Hangover”

  1. CP1 Says:

    3MSkees will come back with the 2 week after high

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