Rolling Times interviews Autumn (Charlotte)


Rolling Times recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Autumn.  She joined the league in Skeeson III and played on and off for several skeesons with Askee Dskee.  She came back in Skeeson VIII with her own squad, Sesame Skeet, and hasn’t looked back since!

Rolling Times: Alright Autumn, thanks for sitting down with us today!

Autumn: Thank you for having me.

Rolling Times: Tell us a little about your team name – Sesame Skeet. What was the driving force behind choosing that name?

Autumn: It’s fun and just like skeeball takes you back to those childhood days. Plus we could have some great shirts!

Rolling Times: Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?

Autumn: Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch.

I had nightmares about Grover when I was tiny.

Rolling Times: Which Sesame Street character do you think would be the best skeeballer?

Autumn: Probably Big Bird because he has long arms. Is Big Bird a he?

Rolling Times: I’ve heard rumors that Big Bird is indeed a he – but I guess we’ll never really know.  I’d put my money on Snufflufagus – that trunk could probably reach the 40 no problem!

Autumn: Right on! Isn’t that against skeeball rules though? Using your nose?

Rolling Times: Yeah, Snuffle wouldn’t be allowed in league play, just as a sub.

Rolling Times: With a name like Autumn, you must get quite a few cheesy pickup lines – which one do you hear most frequently?

Autumn: (Laughing)

Autumn: Most of the time it’s “Autumn, nice. My name is Spring.”

Rolling Times: That is weak – guys actually try that?

Autumn: Yep. It’s terrible really. The ones that are actually clever were the ones that I paid attention to back in the day. Now I just ignore them altogether.

Or make fun of their names.

Rolling Times: At the halfway point it looks like you guys are sitting in 9th place….that’s a little low for your squad, isn’t it?

Autumn: (sigh)

Autumn: It is, I suppose. We have a good time playing but main thing is, we’re playing against ourselves….trying to improve each week. Here for the beer, in other words.

Autumn: We’re not overly concerned about who we play against…hmmm, maybe we should be?!

Rolling Times: Perhaps.  I guess we’ll see how you do in the second half of the skeeson.

Rumor has it you also play competitive ice hockey ….co-ed competitive ice hockey.  Has a guy ever checked you into the boards?

Autumn: I used to play on a women’s travel team and I played co-ed up until last spring. There are several stories I could tell about being checked and punched by a dude.

Rolling Times: I was talking about on the ice, Autumn.  Let’s keep the bedroom stuff out of this interview – family show, ya know?

Autumn: Oh. Thought I could give some pointers…sorry.

Rolling Times: What is your favorite meal before a skeeball match?

Autumn: Pizza made at home with a beer. If at Murphy’s fried mushrooms are yummy (with a beer).

Although I am told I need more beer before I skee.

Rolling Times: That’s a hint more folks should take into consideration – almost everyone rolls better after a few pints.

Rolling Times: Hypothetical situation – Your squad (you, Kyle, Brian) is in the finals this skeeson

Autumn: Really?

Rolling Times: I said hypothetical…

and you’re heading into overtime.

Their roller just rolled a 350. So a Full 40 or 3 hundos would win.

Who is rolling for you guys?  You, Kyle, or Brian?

Autumn: Depends on who is playing like a King (or Queen) that night. If someone has the mojo, then I have faith they will take us where we need to be. 🙂

Rolling Times: Who would you least like to face in the High Rollers Tourney this skeeson?

Autumn: There are several that I can think of…top two would be H-town and B Farrell.

There are two that I can think of that I WOULD like to go up against – The One and Katrina. Katrina because she’s fun to roll against (and competitive); Nick, because he needs some humiliation in his skeeball life.

Rolling Times: I think losing first round to Chris G. in Skeeson V is probably humiliation enough, no?

Autumn: True. But I think a girl beating him would mess with him more.

Rolling Times: I think females across the nation would enjoy that moment.

Autumn: I know a few guys that would enjoy it too.

Rolling Times: You’re stranded on a desert island with unlimited amounts of booze. What two teams (excluding your own) would you want there with you?

Autumn: I am narrowing it down, give me a second.

3 Skeets to the Wind – they’re nice, fun people

Holy man…I cannot think of anyone that I would want to exclude.

That’s a lie.

Rolling Times: Did I mention my name is Spring?

Autumn: Ugh. Okay, you and the Rolling Times staff can come along.

That counts as two, right?

Rolling Times: Perfect. Alright Autumn, any advice for the rookskees going into the second half of the skeeson?

Autumn: Have a blast and focus on making your individual score and team score better each week. Have a beer or three and you won’t even know you’re playing against another team. Cheerio!

Rolling Times: Well thanks again for joining us Autumn and best of luck the rest of the skeeson!

Autumn: My pleasure!


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