Rolling Times Released


Vol IX Issue 10 – Todd Goes To The Bank –  It can be extremely emasculating being the lowest roller on your team…especially when your teammates are both females (just ask Glenn about his Skeeson VIII experience on Rice Krispskees).  After dealing with this for a skeeson and a half, Todd (Dynaskee) was at his wit’s end and couldn’t take it anymore.  So he decided to put away the hundo and put away the straight roll, and switched up to the bank shot…and has watched his scores go through the roof!  If Merris can keep her scores above the 260 range, this team could cause some serious damage come playoff time.

Vol IX Issue 11 – Doggskee Style Humiliates 3 MSkees –  I don’t even know which angle to take on this story.  Should I go with the 3 MSkees not being a real contender and how their “high score” in Week 3 was just a fluke?  Should I focus solely on the unbelievable meltdown of Dom, who rolled a….wait for it….209. Yes, a 209.  Should I talk about how Jen Meacham absolutely b*tch smacked her hubby Brad back down to earth after he became the media darling and talk of the town last week?  Should I compare the 3 MSkees dismal performance to that of the Kentucky Wildcats just to p*ss off Petot?  So many stories, so little time.

Vol IX Issue 12 – Moskeetoes Balls…Playoff Bound? – After averaging a 671 through the first three weeks of play, Moskeetoez Ballz came out of nowhere (and I mean nowhere) to roll their career high – an 805, and capture their first victory of the skeeson!  They now sit in 13th place – only 11 points out of playoff position.  With 4 weeks left, will they be able to take down Mouseskeeteers and/or Super Skeeroes for the final playoff spot?

Vol IX Issue 13 – 2 Skeezy Bros and Amber Dominate – This is a team that you absolutely do not want to sleep on come playoff time. Billy and Nick are fairly consistent – it’s Amber who’s the wild card.  When she’s on, she is ON.  But when she’s off, she is OFF.  Amber holds the key to this squad’s fate.  Will they be a first round exit from the playoffs or will they manage to take down some of the Goliaths?  I’d bet my money on 2 Skeezy Brothers and a Broadskee to make some serious waves in this skeeson’s playoffs – watch out!


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