Billy Gilliskee leaves UK to take over….Still Skeezy?!?!?!? (Charlotte Skeeball)


This is the kinda stuff that I just can’t make up.  The Associated Press has been ringing my phone for the past three hours.  Andy Katz has been texting me through the roof.  And Dick Vitale won’t stop emailing me.  They all want to know if the rumors are true.  Did Billy Gillispie really sign a deal to coach Still Skeezy for the remainder of the skeeson?  I can’t comment yet because I’m waiting on a confirmation phone call from Donald, Dixon, or Hollywood, but I can tell you this – Where there’s smoke, there is almost always fire.

Why would Billy G make this unheard of move?  It’s easy.  He wants a challenge.  We’ve all watched Still Skeezy struggle through their sophomore skeeson and see them now sitting out of playoff contention.  We’ve seen Dixon and Josh’s stubborn adoration with the hundo.  We’ve seen Donald’s growing frustration with his two skeemates.  All signs point to the fact that this is a team on the brink of self-destruction.  And there is only one thing that can save them – a legendary coach like Billy Gillispie.

Stay tuned as this story comes to fruition – but could Billy Gilliskee save Still Skeezy’s skeeson?


One Response to “Billy Gilliskee leaves UK to take over….Still Skeezy?!?!?!? (Charlotte Skeeball)”

  1. Petot Says:

    Legendary coach – I think not

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