H-Town’s Skeeball Countdown – Week 5 (Charlotte Skeeball)

Editor’s notes:  Nice cameos by Amethyst and Lindsay here.  I’ve got a few points to comment on:

  1. Will I Am – WTF are you thinking?  It’s bad karma to attempt to change your skeelebrity nickname.  Big Urn? Big Ern? Big Earn? I refuse to acknowledge the Big Urn.  Will I Am stays.  (Unless the league votes otherwise – below)
  2. Snelling – Totally agree – he’s definitely a Rookskee of the Year candidate, but he’s not in G’s league yet.
  3. Buy or Sell – Don’t sleep on Hundogasm.
  4. Buy or Sell –  Tom Taylor definitely needs to do some soul-searching…I feel like he’s on cruise control since his two skeemates are leading the Wed night crowd.  Cruise control doesn’t win championships Tom, so step it up in the second half.
  5. Buy or Sell –  3 MSkees are not a Super Saturday squad.  They’re going down early in the playoffs.
  6. Buy or Sell –   Skeetastic 3 – There’s no way they can split up now (well, they have to for the summer skeeson – Draft and Money Ball!).  They’ve been together since Skeeson 3 and are some of the premier rollers in the league.  I say they stick it out and win a championship, and then they can split up.  It took The Bourbonators until Skeeson VI to win their first Championship.  Stick with it.


2 Responses to “H-Town’s Skeeball Countdown – Week 5 (Charlotte Skeeball)”

  1. Tom "Tyrant" Taylor Says:

    Exactly what would the “editor” know about winning championships?

  2. Petot Says:

    i like the theme music

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