Giaimo’s Picks (Wed) – Week 6 (Charlotte)


Giaimo comes into this week with a pick record of 13 – 5.

Alright, let’s pump this out.  I’m giving you all 9 picks today.  You’re going to see me picking a lot more underdogs today than usual because as the season progresses I’m expecting the lesser teams to improve at a faster
rate than the more advanced teams simply because they’ve had more room to get better.

1) Funkskee (+95) over Skeeriginals: The Skeeriginals are about 75 points better on average throughout the skeeson, but over the last three weeks, they’re only around 30 points better.  Even with the Skeeriginals coming back to form and rolling around 900, I don’t see Funkskee going below 830 again.  Hopefully Brad’s pending marriage inspires him. Congrats by the way.

[Editor’s note:  My insider sources tell me Brad is still out of the country with the future Mrs. Smith.  Although Pants is a helluva sub, I don’t see them covering.]

2) Loud @ Skee (-100) over Skeet or Die: This one is difficult because of the emergence of Pete Walton.  His scores have been getting exponentially better each week, and while I don’t expect him to repeat last week’s 321, it’s safe to say that Pete will stay in the 300 range for the rest of the skeeson.  That should make Loud @ Skee solidly in the 900 range all the way through.  Skeet or Die has not broken 800 yet, and they’ve actually been getting worse over the last three weeks.  I want to pick Skeet or Die because Pratt isn’t himself at 7:00 but I think Matt B and Pete make up for any of his shortcomings.

3) Still Skeezy (+45) over 2 Skeezy Brothers & a Broadskee: Another difficult spread.  The Brothers & Broad are 45 points better on average and it’s tough to get a read on either of these teams due to some inconsistent play.  Dixon rolled an impressive 280 two weeks ago but he followed that up with a 207.  I think the consistency of Nick & Billy puts the Brothers & Broad over the edge, but I don’t know if they can win by 45 points.  When in doubt, take the points.

4) Skeefendants (-120) over Doggskee Style: The Skeefendants did not bring their A-game last week and still broke 900.  Farrell and Giaimo both rolled below potential but they were carried by the emergence of 40-gasm.  I like the Skeefendants to put it all together this week and roll in the 930-940 range.  That being said, I also expect Doggskee Style to have their best week.  Jen loves to roll well against Giaimo and I don’t think there will be any pressure on Doggskee style to win so they should be fairly relaxed and break 800 for the first time.  Even if they roll 810 (about what I expect), I have enough confidence in the Skeefendants to roll 930 that I’m giving 120 points.

5) Dynaskee (+25) over Sesame Skeet: Dynaskee is a perfect example of an inexperienced team getting better each week.  Around week 6 or 7, these kind of teams put it all together and show a substantial improvement from
their average.  Sesame Skeet has some excellent rollers (get off my back Autumn) but they are also wildly inconsistent.  It seems that they bounce back and forth between fairly good and mediocre.  They were strong last
week so I’m expecting mediocrity this week.  I like Dynaskee to win straight up, but I’ll take the points for good measure.

6) Bitterskeet (-20) over Bud Light Skees: I’ve done horrible when I’ve made picks on a purely misogynistic basis.  It seems that every time I pick the all guy team to beat the all girl team, the girls end up winning by 50.
Maybe it’s the competitive nature of guys.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to win that we actually choke while the ladies could care less since no one expected them to win anyway.  I have nothing to say about either team but I’ll look to buck the trend by putting my money on the ladies.  They’re definitely better, I just don’t know by how much.  20 seems reasonable.

7) Skeeve McQueen (-35) over 3 MSkees: If you take away two weeks ago when 3MSkees were awful, Skeeve McQueen is about 35-40 points  better than 3MSkees on average.  So I think the spread is well thought out.  That being said, Tom Taylor was completely MIA last week and I don’t expect that trend to continue.  Fudge is getting better, Tom should roll 300+ again, and all of that adds up to Skeeve McQueen rolling around 935.  That’s probably enough to beat the 3Ms by 35 if Dom continues to roll around 270.  Even if we assumed Sean + Fudge = Brad + Petot (and I don’t), Tom Taylor is probably 40 points better than Dom on any given week.

8 – Skee Love & Special Sauce (+5) over Notorious B.I.Skee: This is essentially a ‘pick-em’ given both teams’ averages and improvement.  I think Sunil has underperformed lately and Chad has probably outperformed. I sense both players will come back to reality this week and offset each other (slight edge to Sunil).  Then it comes down to partners.  I guess I’ll bank on Liz being competitive enough to get this one done.  Both she and Kelly will need to roll around 270 to make this prediction accurate.

9) I Skee Drunk People (+30) over 3 Skeets to the Wind: I can’t pick a team that didn’t show up for their match last week, even if they had a really good excuse and told Brian weeks in advance.  There’s an advantage that comes with playing each week and I have to think that rust may play a factor.  Again, I have no actual knowledge of any of the players on either team, but I always take the points when I have no clue.

[Editor’s note:  3 Skeets will be rolling their make-up game directly before this match, so they’ll be warmed up and ready to dominate.  Plus, it’s Dhiren’s last skeeball night (he’s moving to San Fran next week)….expect him to be a total sh*t show and roll worse than his 170 average.]

–The One



2 Responses to “Giaimo’s Picks (Wed) – Week 6 (Charlotte)”

  1. Autumn Says:

    It’s all with friendly love, Nick.

  2. Liz Says:

    I’m taking that as a compliment, regardless of what you meant with ‘I guess’…

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