H-Town’s Skeeball Countdown – Skeeson IX Week 6

Editor’s notes:  Oh boy.

  1. H-town’s career worst rolls:  26.7 (Skeeson VII Week 2 – with the money ball), 27.8 (Skeeson VIII Week 6), 28.6 (Skeeson IX Week 3), and the afore-mentioned 27.7 (Skeeson IX Week 5).
  2. I hope that was a Bud product he just sipped.
  3. Hunt for MVSkee – H-Town has got it on lockdown.  Not a race at all.  Good self-promotion though.
  4. TLSkee – nice job!  I saw Christine’s score and I sh*t my pants.  I’m not even kidding, I literally sh*t my pants.  I thought for sure there was a drunken math error or something. Nope – she straight up crushed it. TLSkee has been lurking in the shadows for a few skeesons now, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it – Do Not Sleep on TLSkee this skeeson!
  5. H-town just publicly called Just the Tip “a bunch of d0uchebags”.  Wow.  He does realize Fun Boy is on that team, right?  And Chad Brophy? And Greg Merritt? And Tall A$$ Chris? If any team can upset RockHouse Skeevents in the playoffs, it’s Just the Tip.  Way to add fuel to the fire there Harrison.
  6. Sailboats? WTF? This is all I can think of now when I hear the word boat… (turn it down if you’re at work)… This Boat is Reeeaaaallll!

4 Responses to “H-Town’s Skeeball Countdown – Skeeson IX Week 6”

  1. Cpt. Jamin Says:

    I liked the fact that he called them douche bags…and I hope it fuels the fire. I would love to see them in the semis, only to pull up short to us (play on words)

    Also, the best part of that video is when that guys says “I got my flippy-floppies”


  2. kelly k Says:

    …I’m gonna ride this boat to the moon somehow!


    I needed that!

  3. Chad Brophy Says:

    I don’t even remember playing them last week. Wait. This is a skeeball competition, I thought it was a drinking competition. And I know I won that, I bought everyone 70 shots. But people that won’t be named were too good free shots, so I had to drink at least 12. As far as I’m concerned, those three non slurring hussies should be disqualified for pussy footing around the The Purple Mother Fucker.

    For crying out loud, who did H-Town’s make up in this video. It looks awesome, it really brings out the fierceness of his eye brows. I didn’t know pastry dough could grow eyebrows, but pluck away Heiman, pluck away.

  4. Danielson Says:

    I like the fact that he used “yours truly” properly.

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