Raleigh – Skeeson II starts TOMORROW!


You better believe this plaque is being hung permanently in The Bassment.  Who wants to be the next famous skeelebrity to be enshrined with Wendy?  I’ve got my Top 5 picks for who might possibly be the Skeeson II High Roller.

  1. Ray – No explanation necessary. He can flat out roll and he hates to lose.
  2. Mr. Burgundy – He lives in Raleigh now and he has been practicing. And I mean practicing. He’s found his hundo and his 40. However, I predict a drunk/angry meltdown which may eliminate him early from the High Rollers Tourney.
  3. Wonderboy – Ehren has been practicing as well and has lasered in on the 40.  I question his mental edge though.  If he can shake out the crowd and the hecklers, he’ll be one of the last ones standing.
  4. Wendy – That sh*t wasn’t a fluke last year.  She purposely flew under the radar all skeeson and then like a frickin’ Jack-in-the-Box BAM she was in your face dropping 40s and 50s and calmly walking away.  That’s the type of stuff snipers do. They sneak around pinging people off. Before you know it you’re dead.  Wendy “The Sniper” Stiles.  Boom, skeelebrity name born.
  5. The Great Gatskee – Josh won the tourney last week by picking off each member of The Tim Skeebows one by one, and even knocking out Miller Time. Don’t sleep on him.

People are going to be pissed that I didn’t pick them as Pre-Skeeson favorites for the High Rollers Club.  And guess what?  I don’t care.  Prove me wrong.  Prove…me…wrong.


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