From The Bottom of the Bottle – 4/9/09

Fifteen drinks well into Saturday morning, several comrades and I discovered the best way to save money at strip clubs. First, find a state that sells booze at gas stations 24 hours a day and a city with excellent BYOB strip clubs (Charleston, SC). Second, enter the gas station and purchase two forties per person and a roll of duct tape. Third, enter the exotic dance club, find a table, and proceed to duct tape the forties to your hands. Turning the game previously known as Edward Forty Hands into Sorry I Can’t Tip You I Got Forties Taped To My Hands, But Your Bottom Looks Real Nice. Short blog short, no one, not even someone dancing for dollars can get upset with you when you look like this:




One Response to “From The Bottom of the Bottle – 4/9/09”

  1. Danielson Says:

    I’m going to assume that you’re talking about the Southern Belle in Charleston, the classiest of the the BYOB strip clubs on the east coast. Not that I’d know anything about strippers or booze or… wait, shit.

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