Pistol Petot’s Picks (Thurs) – Week 6 (Charlotte)


TLSkee vs. RockHouse Skeevents (-85)

Even though TLSkee got a big win against the slumping Just the Tip last week – I can’t see them pulling it together and getting back-2-back victories against seasoned veteran teams.  The spread does look pretty good here; it’s hard to go against Vegas.  I’m rubbing my skee ball now and it’s telling me Rockhouse Skeevents by 110.  HTown finds his Hundo and the Marksman & Jammin’ will find the 40 in lane 1.

Ribs and Whiskee vs. Just the Tip (-40)

Just The Tip has been up & down all skeeson.  Ribs and Whiskee has 1 good roller in Will I Am (Big Urn) and then there are the other two.  Don’t see Just the Tip going down 2 weeks straight, these guys are 2-3 and I am positive they have the drive and motivation to get back to .500.  My conscience is telling me Ginger and whoever else suits up will dominate Ribs and Whiskee.

Superskeeroes vs. Dude, Have You Skeen My Money Balls? (-75)

SuperSkeeroes top roller is the 25th best in the league and Dude…Money Balls top roller is Chris Weitzel in 10th.  Pretty sure Caroline and Preston can hold their weight against Jimmy and Michelle.  Talking about Jimmy – with all of his attributes you would think he could be a top roller, he’s been in the league now for some time and he has the length advantage that he doesn’t use to help his cause – 25 averages just aren’t gonna get it done.  If Superskeeroes never take their matchups seriously they will never beat the big boys.  Nuff said – Dude, Have you Skeen My Money Balls  by 90.

–Pistol Petot



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