Pre-Skeeson Rankings – Skeeson II (Raleigh)


  1. Skeet Shooters – I have no doubt this team is going deep this skeeson.  And I mean deep. Ray is going to be crushing the 40 all skeeson long, and with the edition of Duke and his fiancee Alexis, who can each roll a mean game, they have been picked as the favored team to win it all this skeeson.  The only thing that could stand in their way is bickering amongst the newlyweds-to-be.  Oh yeah, and Ray’s big head.
  2. The Tim Skeebows – They were the Skeeson I champs and have only gotten better.  CT Smith is now in his own world when he rolls, nailing 40 upon 40 and Danielle still scares the sh*t out of me on the lanes.  Shanna is the wild card here, but she can still roll exceptionally well when she’s on point.  I repeat – when she’s on point.
  3. Spencer’s Team – Due to their lack of a team name, and lack of appearances at either of the pre-skeeson events, this squad was almost left out of the Pre-Skeeson Rankings altogether.  But their raw talent alone gets them ranked this high.  Spencer, The Hoff, and Matt Titus teamed up this skeeson to form a very very talented squad.  However, a power struggle and battle for the individual spotlight could be their ultimate demise.
  4. Ali Baba and the 40 Skeeves – If I learned one thing last skeeson it’s to not count out Wes.  He’ll talk some sh*t and then he’ll back it up. I have no idea who his skeemates will be this skeeson since Jen D broke off to form her own team, but I do know that I’m not counting him out.
  5. Margaskeeta Man – Formerly known as the Pirates of the Cariskeein, this squad went undefeated and was ranked #1 heading into last skeeson’s playoffs.  But somehow Choka-Cola and his teammates managed to lose in the first round to the #8 seed.  After some much needed soul searching and off-skeeson discussions, they decided a change was in order so they signed a sponsor and have left all that was Skeeson I in the rearview mirror.
  6. Tenacious Skee – This is another squad that kept the same rollers but decided to change up their name.  Formerly known as Brewper Scoopers, this squad was the surprise of the skeeson as they advanced to the Final Four on Super Saturday.  Led by Ehren “Wonderboy” Link, Tenacious Skee has the ability to make some major waves this skeeson.  Keep an eye on former Wild Card roller Elizabeth and former Most Improved roller Brandy as their performance will be critical to this team’s success.
  7. The A-Skeem – Jen “L’il Gin” Delaney and her man Ian are on a mission this skeeson.  What that mission is I’m not 100% sure, but I know there’s definitely a mission.  Jen used to roll in Charlotte and then helped lead Ali Baba to the championship game last skeeson.  Rumor has it she couldn’t stand being in Wes’ shadow and decided to start her own squad this go around.  Who will their third be? And will Ian be able to handle it if his girl is beating him in the standings?  This is the kind of stuff that tears families apart – let alone skeeball teams.  Keep an eye on this squad.
  8. Webster’s Team – The only rookie squad to make the list. Why? Because the league sent us a memo requiring that we include at least one rookie squad….something about “equality” or something.  But I think this squad would have made the list regardless as Webster tore up the Free Skee tourney last week and looks to be the front runner for the Rookskee of the Year award.
  9. John Macenroll – The Great Gatskee has stepped his game up and is looking for a playoff appearance and some hardware this skeeson.  He’s still eating some humble pie after guaranteeing his team would make the playoffs last skeeson and then missing them, but he’s assured our inside sources that his team will not only make the playoffs, but will be playing on Super Saturday as well. Time shall tell.
  10. Team Snugskee – These chicas were pissed when they missed the playoffs last skeeson,and rightfully so.  But with their team captain DMC having to miss Week 1 of this skeeson, will the other ladies be able to hold it together and capture a victory while keeping their team up in the rankings?  Team chemistry and sobriety will be the factors to keep a watch on with this squad.

The rest of you need to step it up and prove the experts wrong.  Mr. Burgundy is going to be super annoyed that his squad, Rollin’ on Extaskee, didn’t make the cut.  But coming in with a target on his back and two rookie rollers didn’t get the vote from our experts.  This’ll probably be more motivation for Burgundy, but will it be enough for him to carry his squad deep?  Check back in 8 weeks and we’ll let you know.  Skeeson II — game time baby!


3 Responses to “Pre-Skeeson Rankings – Skeeson II (Raleigh)”

  1. Mr. Burgundy Says:

    There’s an A-Skeem in this league???? Pretty nifty name, I wanna say that it seems familiar…

  2. Ray's Big Head Says:

    Do you want to give us the Trophy now?

  3. Mr. Burgundy Says:

    PS: I wasn’t expecting to be a top ranked team this early in the skeeson. Just wait untill my protege’s find their stride. Its gonna be dangerous

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