Mr. Burgundy makes his Raleigh debut (Raleigh Skeeball)

Brett “Mr. Burgundy” Mozingo made his Raleigh debut this past Thursday – and it’s suffice to say he did not live up to the hype.  You don’t earn the nickname “Mr. Burgundy” without winning championships, multiple individual awards, and smashing various records.  As you can see in the above video, he did roll a 450, but that was by far his best roll of the night as he finished with a 28.2 average and ranked tied for 7th overall.  An inside source tells us that he’s promising to be the #1 ranked roller by the end of the skeeson.  But with the likes of Duke, Ray, CT, and Spencer ahead of him, he’s got quite an uphill battle.


2 Responses to “Mr. Burgundy makes his Raleigh debut (Raleigh Skeeball)”

  1. Mr. Burgundy Says:

    In my defense, I was only rolling for hundos which, as we all know “Live by the Hundo, Die by the Hundo” And yes, there were a few frames where that came true (two 9’s and a 12 aren’t the best for bolstering one’s average). But don’t worry, I am stating right now that week two will have over a 30 average.

  2. Danielson Says:

    Dude, your poll results make it sound like those kids are gunning for you, watch your ass.

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