Guy Faints. I laugh and then applaud.

I’m a big fan of people falling, fainting, tripping, etc. But this one is pretty high up there.  It makes the volleyball faint chick look like a rookie amongst all-stars.  I’d go so far as to say it’s up there with the Spelling Bee faint kid.  Yes, that kid.

I’m really torn on this one.  I can’t decide which one is the better faint job.  The Glenn Beck guy actually tells people he is going to pass out….and not once, but twice, and then says “Gone.”  The only thing better would have been if he had said “Game Over” as he was going down.  So he’s got that in his corner.  But the Spelling Bee kid – man, it’s hard to top that.  He faints about 40 feet from his original spot, gets up and spells the word correctly in one try and sits down like it ain’t no thang.  I think I’m still gonna have to go with the kid on this one…maybe.  We’ll let the skeeballers of the world have the last say.


One Response to “Guy Faints. I laugh and then applaud.”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Hopefully I never faint around you…or anyone’s video camera.

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