RockHouse Skeevents – 1115! (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)


I’m conceding.  I thought maybe this was the skeeson I could finally stand atop the lanes and be crowned champion.  But after watching RockHouse Skeevents (namely Brandon and H-Town) this skeeson, and specifically last week, I have to say Game, Set, Match.  No one is stopping these boys this skeeson – not me, not Giaimo, not Tom Taylor, not Skeetastic 3, not Brophy. No one.  Ben has been gone 3 of the past 6 weeks and will also miss the playoffs, so they’ve signed Tommy as a perma-sub, but I honestly don’t think it even matters who their third is.  They could bring Dhiren back from California and they’d still be legitimate title contenders. You just can’t f*ck with The Makers Marksman and H-Town. It’s that simple.  Thank God this summer is a draft for random teams.  Well done, RockHouse Skeevents.  Brandon continues his reign as the “Best Skee-Baller in America”.  Cue my favorite video of all time:


One Response to “RockHouse Skeevents – 1115! (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)”

  1. CP1 Says:

    Video never gets old & of course they have to pick someone up that averages a 30 – don’t expect anything less from HTown and Harris

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