You have T-minus 11 days to prepare yourselves for Steeplechase ’09.  For those of you who have been previously, you know the deal.  There are only 10 spots left on the bus, so hit up Ben Jamin’ ASAP to claim one (

For those of you who are clueless as to what exactly Steeplechase is, you’re about to be educated.   Think Kentucky Derby, but 1/100th the size.  It’s basically a big day of horse races out in the middle of nowhere Charlotte (Waxhaw or something), except in my 5 years of attending, I don’t recall ever watching a single horse race.  It’s a day of sun dresses and hats for the ladies, pastels, bow ties and seer sucker for the gents.  It’s a tradition and it’s a ton of fun.  And yes, there’s also booze involved if you so desire.

If you haven’t already signed up, do it now.  Hit up Ben and claim your spot for one helluva Saturday! (Raleigh, this includes you too – it’s a good time so c’mon down!!)

(This video was not taken at Steeplechase, nor does the “running of the urinals” take place at Steeplechase, but it makes me laugh every time I see it.)


2 Responses to “Steeplechase!”

  1. Danielson Says:

    0:17 in the Urinal Running video; Face- 0 Bud Light Can- 1
    (followed by an epic Ohh FUCK!)

  2. BFR Says:

    What a f*ing waste of beer!

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