Giaimo Week 7 Picks (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)


Giaimo comes into this week with a pick record of 18-9.

1) Doggskee Style (+50) over Loud@Skee: I expect lower than usual scores for this one given that it’s tough to get that helpful alcohol buzz at 7:00.  That usually leads to me taking the underdog since low scores usually correlates with low margins of victory.  Plus, we’re coming off a very strong week from Doggskee Style led by Steve’s 301 against the
Skeefendants.  I like this team to stay in the 830-850 range and I don’t know if Loud@Skee can hit 900 at 7:00.  I may regret this pick but I’ll take the dog(s) and the points.

2) I Skee Drunk People (+190) over Skeeve McQueen: G and Shane rolled out of their minds last week to earn an 856 for the team.  I don’t expect that to repeat, but I also don’t expect them to drop to the 720 range where they
were before.  They’re going to need a sub to replace Dhiren, but I’m assuming they can find someone to roll for them and best Dhiren’s average (189).  That leads me to believe that the run-rate score for I Skee Drunk People going forward is about 770.  Can McQueen roll a 960?  Definitely, but I wouldn’t be on it on Lane 3.

3) Skeeriginals (-70) over 2 Skeezy Brothers & A Broadskee: The brother/broad combination really let me down last week after I applauded their consistency.  They fell back to the 800 range and it would have been
worse if Amber hadn’t stepped up her game a bit.  I’m giving them the benefit of a slight bounce back this week to around 820.  That being said, the re-emergence of Big Mike and a semi-sober Kevin at 8:00 should put the Skeeriginals back at 900 on Lane 4.  It’s tough call but I’ll go with the veterans.

4) Skeefendants (-70) over Notorious B.I.Skee: Notorious has definitely gotten better.  I’ll assume they continue their steady improvement and roll an 860 this week.  It won’t be enough against the Skeefendants.  Not only
is Giaimo out for redemption and the forgiveness of his teammates, but Hundogasm is unbelievable on Lane 1.  I’m expecting a 350+ out of him, which should translate into a score of 970+ for the Skeefendants.  It won’t
be enough to catch Skeeve McQueen in the standings, but it will be enough to make them look over their shoulder.  The only thing that can hold them back this week is Sean Richards.

5) 3 MSkees (-55) over Funkskee:
This is my lock of the century.  If Dom has returned to form then this is an extremely dangerous team.  This is a team I do not want to see in the playoffs.  They win by over 100.




2 Responses to “Giaimo Week 7 Picks (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)”

  1. The One Says:

    I was obviously too nice this week

  2. CP1 Says:

    be afraid – be very afraid

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