Pistol Petot’s Picks – Week 7 (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)


Lane 1 – Gym Class Skeeroes (-35) vs. Luckskee Charms

The only question here is:  Will Alyssa show up and lift her team or will she get her 3rd DNR of the season – naughty girl.  You know Gym Class Skeeroes will represent and that they will do by easily running through Luckskee Charms.  Gym Class averages 43 pts better + Luckskee is coming off a week in which they didn’t participate.  Congrats on being 4-1 at this point, but Gym Class by 50.

[Editor’s note:  This match-up perplexes me…Hunter rolled like a 240 or something last week and Alyssa rolled like sh*t in a fake game last night.  I got money on Gym Class, but wouldn’t sleep on Luckskee Charms.]

Lane 3 – LLUUA (-40) vs. Upskee Daiskee

Very interesting – Upskee Daiskee is 2nd to last and 4–2.  Brian has been doing some favors here.  Then you have Little Lebowskee at 1-5, but this team has improved tremendously the past 2 weeks.  See more of that high rolling action as LLUUA take control early and win by that 40 pt margin.

[Editor’s note:  These two teams are my favorites in Charlotte.  True story.]

Lane 4 – Skeetastic 3 (-40) vs. TLSkee

Oh snap – you know how I like girl on girl action and this will definitely live up to its billing.  The ladies of Skeetastic 3 would love an undefeated season, who wouldn’t.  TLSkee on the other hand is not gonna go down easy.  Lane 4 will produce some high scores and this one might end up with a cat fight or hugs and high 5’s.  Skeetastic 3 is on a mission and I don’t see TLSkee standing in their way.  Katrina, Koko, & Amethyst squeak by, by 28.

[This would have been a great game, but TLSkee had to roll on Wed due to schedule conflicts. Sigh.]

Lane 4 – RockHouse Skeevents (-60) vs. Just The Tip

Ring in the battle music.  This match-up is full of Skeelebrity names.  You better stick around for this game.  HTown, Marksman, Tizzommy vs. Ginger, Tall A$$, and Old man or Funboy.  What a wasted gunfight this will be.  I would like to see the condom hat wearing trio win, but just don’t see them getting over the hump of their 5th toxic shot.  9:00 is too much time for them to live up to their alcoholism.  Rockhouse Skeevents aka Jerry Gar-skee-A will laugh their way to 7-0, unless Gingers go-go gadget arm, Tall A$$’s lanky length, and Greg’s (um yeah) hits Hundos galore they have no chance.



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