Kyle Lamb rolls a 410 – his first combo ever! (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)

So I took this video just because I wanted to capture Kyle’s rolling form on film.  The next thing I know he’s nailing 50 after 50 after 40 after 50 on his way to a 410 and a combo!  Unreal.  But that form of his is quite impressive, no?

Which brings me to my next point — Sesame Skeet:  Contender or Pretender?

I am super torn on this one.  Super torn. I’ve been saying “Don’t sleep on Sesame Skeet” all skeeson long because they repeatedly win late night tournaments and they look completely unstoppable.  But then it’s game time the following week and we don’t see even a sliver of that late night magic.  It frazzles me even more that none of the three of them are in the Top 16.  If stats were to be completed today (which they won’t be — we still have one week left), Kyle and Brian would both sneak into the Wild Card Tourney.  Which is what this entire squad is — one big Wild Card.  I pity the fool who they play in the first round because they could come out swinging and cause a major upset. Or they could roll like rookies and watch their skeeson come to an early end.  Their destiny is truly in their own hands.

Final Prediction:  Conten…..nope, Pretender!


5 Responses to “Kyle Lamb rolls a 410 – his first combo ever! (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)”

  1. Autumn Says:

    Have to add, Kyle got another combo in that same game! One of the best nights for Kyle and Brian. The best night for Sesame Skeet! Super proud of them.

  2. The One Says:

    Great camera work — I saw 1/9 balls go in. Remarkable.

  3. skee4all Says:

    The purpose of the footage was to capture his form. As stated in the report, the videographer wasn’t aware of the combo until after it had been rolled. It’s Friday — grow a smile!

  4. sunil Says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves. The only teams that can be considered a contender are ones that have rolled over 900. So far 10 teams.

  5. Autumn Says:

    900 or not….keyword “UPSET”

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