And a 5..6..7..8! (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)


Thursday night is gonna be nuts.  SlapChop Guy kinda nuts.

It’s pretty self-explanatory what’s going on here, so I’ll save all the over-hyping for playoff time.  Long story short, these 4 teams are definitely in the playoffs it’s just a matter of who will be ranked where.  Here are my love letters for each team.

Dear TLSkee,

You’ve been a “middle of the pack” kinda team since your initial skeeson…now is the time to separate yourselves and show the world that you deserve to be in the same breath as Gym Class Skeeroes, Skeetastic 3, Skeeriginals, and the rest of the veteran squads that have never won a championship.  This is your chance to step up and take control of your destiny.  Kat and Christine, don’t leave Jane hanging on this one — have some drinks and find your 40!

Dear Ribs and Whiskee,

WTF.  I know I’ve been gone for a few weeks, but did you guys really get that good that fast?  If so, more power to you!  Will I Am has been steady rolling all skeeson long and Adam looks to be a top candidate for Rookskee of the Year honors.  If John Boy can continue to improve as he has these past few weeks, Ribs and Whiskee could head into the playoffs in 4th place!

Dear Luckskee Charms,

Alyssa, keep it up.  Meghan, step it up.  Amanda, please reference your week 1 score and step it up big time.  That is all.

Dear Dude Have You Skeen My Money Ball?,

Impressive.  Impressive indeed.  Chris W keep on rolling your a$$ off…maybe one of these days Caroline and Preston will help you out with a quasi-decent score.  If not, there’s always this summer with the Random Draft and….oh, look, I found your Money Ball!

Hugs Not Drugs,

Cool Uncle Brian


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