Ever Heard of Louisville Chugger?

This is a video of a drinking game apparently called “Louisville Chugger”.  The player fills a hollowed out wiffle bat with beer and then chugs it down.  The number of seconds it takes him to finish the beer is how many times he must then spin around on the wiffle bat.  I’m not sure of the rest of the rules, but it appears that after the spinning on the bat is completed, you have a wiffle ball pitched to you and you must attempt to hit it. Question mark.

[Update:  I found the full set of “rules” and several instructional videos here.  Enjoy.]

My question is this:  How in the hell have I a) never heard of this game before, and b) never played it before?

I’m in shock.  Seriously.  I was building 6 foot tall Drink-O boards and full-size Shot Skis before they went mainstream with Amazon.com and Jagermeister, respectively.

drink-o-board(Pay no mind to the sexy drunk man in the sexy fake stripper outfit, just look at the homemade Drink-O Board. Seriously, stop undressing that poor fellow with your eyes and check out the Drink-O Board.)

So my question is have people heard of and/or played this game before?  I’ve been to a ton of tailgating parties, all day drink fests, etc and never once has this game ever been brought up.  Is this a northern thing?

Someone clue me in because I feel like I’ve been kept out of the loop by every beer-chugging cold-blooded American on this one.


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