Giaimo’s Week 8 Picks (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)


Giaimo comes into the final week of regular skeeson play with a 21 – 11 pick record.

Dynaskee (+55) over Notorious B.I.Skee: Notorious is by the far better team but this line may be a little too big for Week 8.  I expect Dynaskee to be fighting hard for their playoff live unlike Notorious who has already clinched a spot.  Ashley carries the team, and they should easily cover if they get about 260 from Todd and Merris.  The frustration that is Lane 2 should cause scores to be a little lower than usual and lower scores equals a lower margin of victory.  I’ll take the points.

Bud Light Skees (+65) over Skeet or Die: It’s kind of surprising that Skeet or Die has a 1-6 record this season despite a near-respectable average of 752.  This either means that Brian has been brutal to them on the scheduling or they have been playing up or down to their competition.  I get the feeling (for no reason whatsoever) that the latter is the more likely explanation.  I’m never going to give 65 points for a  team who consistently loses.  I’ll take Bud Light and the points.

Skeefendants (-90) over Funkskee: This was supposed to be the Final 4 preview battle between the Skeefendants and Skeeve McQueen.  One of the teams (and I’m not going to say which) got scared and moved to Thursday night to avoid this battle.  I don’t want to call out Sean Potter, Tom Taylor and Brian Fudge because I’m a bit classier than to ridicule them by name, but this is going to fuel the Skeefendants both this week and also in the playoffs. Funkskee may or may not show up.  Either way, the Skeefendants may just go about breaking 950 this week.

[Editor’s note: Tom “The Tyrant” Taylor is also not allowing his skeemates to be interviewed by Rolling Times (both have been approached) for fear that they may provide “bulletin board material” for any potential opponents. True Story.]

Skee Love (-20) over Sesame Skeet: Over the last 2 weeks, Skee Love has averaged about 40 points higher than Sesame Skeet.  I tend to think the average of the last few weeks is a better indicator of future success than overall average.  Sure, it’s a bit more volatile, but it takes into account the improvement that each team goes through over the course of a season. Sunil’s teammates went from “awful” in Week 1 to “mediocre” by Week 8. They won’t make the High Roller tournament but they wont make you cut yourself either (note: only true regarding skeeball performance).  Sesame Skeet has been wildly inconsistent and while I really like each team member as individuals, they’ve never been contenders.

3MSkees (even) over Skeeriginals: Not only am I guaranteeing the outcome of this match, but I’m probably going to stick around watch it because of playoff seeding implications and the potential for a real epic battle.  On paper, the two teams are even with only 13 total points separating the two over the course of the season.  In reality, one team is getting better each week and the other has already peaked  I love all the Skeeriginals and I think Kevin & Wendi are really outperforming their individual expectations, but I’m not convinced Big Mike is back despite a couple of strong weeks in a row.  He has never broken 300 this skeeson, he has underperformed in the clutch, and I’m just not convinced he can handle this pressure situation.  I love the Big Guy but I’m not giving him the benefit of the doubt.  On the other hand, Petot, Brad & Dom are all improving.      I like them on Lane 1 and I think they win by about 45-50.  I’ll be cheering for the Skeeriginals but it probably won’t help.

[Editor’s note:  This is the kind of match that I would pay money to watch.  It’s got friends/veterans playing against each other, they’re all very good rollers, there’s a lot on the line, and they’re very evenly matched up.  You couldn’t ask for more than that.  Wednesday night, 9:00, Lane 1 — Skee ya there!]

–Giaimo Out



4 Responses to “Giaimo’s Week 8 Picks (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)”

  1. Tom "Tyrant" Taylor Says:

    Nice try Nick and Mr. Editor…2/3 of Skeeve Mcqueen will be attending the Dinasour Jr. Wednesday night but can use it as fuel if you need to and as far as the interview I beliveve Sean Potter has tried more than once to set this up but has been unable to drag Farrell away from his Miley Cyrus fan chat boards long enough to get it done.

  2. Liz Says:

    Maybe I will make the high roller tournament…I think hate is a bigger motivator than Sunil could ever be.

  3. Candyman Says:

    I’m surprised you had time to write this long ass novel Giaimo. I figured between your busy pants dropping schedule and the Chippendales…you’d be all tied up.

  4. Seamus Says:

    I”m going to see my favorite band tonight HOMO! As far as the “interview” I’ve been waiting all skeeson, I got nothing to hide!

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