Pistol Petot’s Week 8 Picks (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)


[Editor’s Note: Pistol Petot comes into this week with a pick record of 9-6-1]

Lane 1 – Upskee Daiskee vs. Superskeeroes (-30)

Upskee Daiskee (5-2) is 4 spots below Superskeeroes (3-4) but some how has a much better record.  Again Farrell with the kind match-ups. Though it seems Upskee Daiskee has been up & down a ton this skeeson.  If Natalie and Kelley can step it up this final week for Michelle then they have a very good chance to steal a win and finish the skeeson on a good note.  I believe first team to 700 wins and that will be Superskeeroes.

Lane 3 – Gym Class Skeeroes (-40) vs. TLSkee

What’s better than girl-on-girl action, well sister-on-sister silly.  I wish I could see this one.  Lindsay vs Lil Jane!!  This will be an all out brawl.  Even though I’m a big fan of TLSkee – Lindsay is not going to lose this game.  Brett & Hunter will have a say in this one as well.  40’s will be alive on lane 3– I’ll take Gym Class Skeeroes by 12.  Hard to go against TLSkee after watching them roll on Lane 3 last time.  Gym Class is also looking to be on a hot streak going into playoffs.

Lane 1 – Bootskeelicious (-10) vs. Moskeetoes Balls

Can Bootskeelicious hold onto the 12th spot?  Moskeetoes Balls has a lot of DNR’s! – not a good thing.  If Jen can stay focused and roll over a 25 there is no way they should lose to a multiple DNR team.  This is a tough pick cause you have no idea who will be showing up for Moskeetoes Balls.  But I’ll take the fine ladies of Bootskeelicious by a slim margin.

Lane 3 – RockHouse Skeevents (-40) vs. Skeetastic 3

Oh Snap!  What a match-up on a not too difficult lane.  Don’t know about H-Town and Harris’ Hundo ability on this lane, but I would bet $20 Harrison is at Murphy’s practicing right now!  The beauties of Skeetastic 3 will have the 40 on lock down.  So if the bad boys of Rockhouse go for too many Hundos and get mixed results it is going to be a long night of sighs for the boys.  I am gonna go out on a very frail limb hanging over the rooftop of Murphy’s which ends in a face full of gravel and say that Skeetastic 3 will pull this one out by 20!  Yeah I said it b*tches!

–Pistol Petot



One Response to “Pistol Petot’s Week 8 Picks (Charlotte Skeeball Skeeson IX)”

  1. CP1 Says:

    My upset picks didn’t go my way this skeeson

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