Who Needs Wonderboy? (Raleigh Skeeball Skeeson II)


Wonderboy has missed the past two weeks of skee action due to work.  I know it’s killing him, and I thought for sure it would kill his team….but I sit corrected.

Last week as Tenacious Skee was preparing for their match against a rookie squad, I informed the rooks that they should be able to pull off a victory because Tenacious Skee was “missing their main player”.  Boy was that a mistake.  I thought for sure I had just about whispered that comment, but apparently Elizabeth and Brandy have the super natural hearing powers that I thought only my mother posessed.  Their heads whipped around faster than you could say “f*ck why did i say that?” and next thing I know I have necks moving side to side and fingers in my face.


Long story short, I’m never f*cking with Brandy and Elizabeth again. They not only pulled off the victory (along with their sub Justin — pictured above), but rolled well above their team average.  Longer story shorter – WonderBoy may actually be the weak link on this squad.  Yup, I said it.


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